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PD: MOE to restore the climate of distrust

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PTD: MOE to restore the climate of distrust

The package of confidence-building measures (MAPs) that he proposed to the UN Secretary General and the European Council was presented by the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis as the solution to restore the climate of distrust and create a climate for resumption of talks, emphasizing that Turkish demands for recognition sovereign equality of the occupied territories do not create conditions for the resumption of dialogue on the Cyprus issue.

In his speech at the 38th Annual General Assembly of the Union of Municipalities, the President wished for reunification conditions, noting that the burden of the occupation “no longer concerns only the Greek Cypriots but also the Turkish Cypriots”, in an indirect report of the impact on occupied by the continuous slide of the Turkish lira exchange rate.

He said that Turkey's demands for recognition of the sovereignty and sovereignty of the occupied territories before the start of the dialogue “are neither terms nor conditions for the creation of the conditions for a dialogue”.

“What I have suggested to both the European Council and the Secretary-General is that the time has come if we want to create the conditions to take some important steps in confidence-building measures (CBMs) that will begin to restore the climate of mistrust,” he added.

These measures, he explained, are nothing more than entrusting the administration or protection of the status of the enclosed area of Famagusta to the administration of the United Nations, in exchange, yes, the airport of Tympos is placed under the administration of the UN to comply with the international regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the protection of the FIR, the reopening of the port of Famagusta under EU supervision in terms of customs and customs, while Turkey to allow the access of Cypriot ships to Turkish ports .

For natural gas

With regard to natural gas, the President of the Republic said that they do not need any other than what constitutes convergence, from what are the proposals that are transformed into legislation such as the National Hydrocarbon Fund, such as the proposal to open a trust account and deposit when and if there are revenues in proportion to the population for the benefit of the Turkish Cypriots.

He added that if Turkey recognizes the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriots will have the right to raise funds from this account even before the solution of the Cyprus problem.

“These are measures that will contribute to the creation of another climate,” said President Anastasiadis, stressing that at the same time the Turkish Cypriot community and Turkey in particular, which is leading the current Turkish Cypriot administration, should realize – without it should happen that it did not interfere in the past, setting barriers in the negotiation – to adapt to the basis of a solution to the Cyprus problem as reflected in the High Level Agreements and the United Nations resolutions “.


Source: www.philenews.com

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