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PD office: Calls for catalytic intervention by international community to prevent new Turkish executions

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The international community condemning Turkey's actions in Cyprus must act as a catalyst to prevent any new accomplishments that Turkey wishes to impose, said today Petros Dimitriou, Director of the Office of the President of the Republic.

< p class = "text-paragraph">Welcoming him at the first official screening of the documentary “Memories of Occupied Land, a Journey to Mesaoria and the Carpathians”, organized by the Association of Displaced Communities of Famagusta, at UCLan Cyprus University in Larnaca, Mr. Dimitriou described the initiative, which is a continuation of the rest of the rich and noble activity carried out by the President and the members of the Union “preserving the memory of our occupied territories but also the continuation of the struggle to return to our ancestral homes.

He added that “the documentary, projecting, through a journey to the occupied villages of Mesaoria and Karpasia, their rich historical, cultural and social heritage, special features and traditions, as well as their natural beauty, evokes nostalgic memories and recollections.”

“Mesaoria, Karpasia and the rest of the occupied areas of Cyprus, eagerly awaiting the return of their inhabitants, are symbols of hope, expectation and perseverance for continue the fight until justice is done “he said.

The President of the Republic, Petros Dimitriou, stated that “he maintains this political will and will in every direction at every international step, emphasizing the strong will of our side to return to the negotiating table and work towards” the solution that will be based in UN resolutions and European authorities, in what has been agreed so far and which will lead to a sovereign and independent state, away from foreign dependencies and occupying armies.

He noted, however, that “contrary to our strong will, the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot sides insist on the same intransigence they have always displayed, making excessive demands and taking a series of provocative actions, which are anything but promote the creation of the necessary climate for the start of negotiations “.

“We are all witnesses to what is happening lately in the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta, especially after the recent provocative and illegal actions of Turkey and its occupiers,” he noted.

“We have made and are making progress,” he said. “What everyone is finding out, what everyone is condemning should, at last, lead them to intervene catalytically in order to prevent what Turkey wants to impose.”

That is why, noted Mr. Dimitriou, “we highlight the need to adopt bold Confidence Building Measures, which, among other things, provide as the most basic return of the enclosed city of Famagusta to its legal residents. “Confidence-building measures that the international community warmly welcomed, but also Turkey and the leadership of the illegitimate regime rejected unquestionably, insisting on the unacceptable position for a two-state solution.”

Therefore “It is clear that, in order to make any progress, it is necessary for the Turkish side to refrain from any unilateral actions, tensions or threats” while we expect it to comply with its legal and moral obligation under international law and to cooperate in effectively investigating the fate of the missing.

After stating that “the reunification of Cyprus was and remains a top priority” assured and conveyed on behalf of the President of the Republic “the full and full support of the State in the project” that the occupied Communities as well as the commitment to satisfy their requests and suggestions.

For his part, the President of the Union of Displaced Communities of Famagusta (EEKA) Michalis Tziortas in his greeting stated that the production of the documentary was an effort of more than two years and “EEKA's goal was to create with the power of image and sound a valuable archive to be, among other things, a legacy for future generations. “

He expressed satisfaction because, as he explained in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, a process of subtitling the documentary in four languages ​​is underway, English, French, German and Russian. The material can be used in exhibitions for enlightenment purposes abroad, can be used in the educational material of the Ministry of Education and will be a source of historical research by historians, archaeologists and universities in Cyprus and abroad.

In his own greeting, the Metropolitan of Constantia and Famagusta Vassilios, read by Father Epifanios Papantoniou, stated that “today's virtual walk gives everyone the opportunity to walk again mentally” in the places where we saw the first light of the sun “and to let us rejoice in ourselves that the memory of our occupied land remains unquenchable and the ardent desire for its return is deeply rooted in our hearts. “

He added that the invasion and uprooting is “a real uprooting of man from the familiar environment, which consists of nature and human society, monuments and churches, the values ​​and traditions of the place. People accustomed to the vast plain of Mesaoria, the coastal region of Karpasia and the rest of the special parts of our occupied homeland, which today are in danger of deterioration, move to a foreign environment, mountainous or urban, living for almost half a century their own their “Odyssey”.

The Mayor of occupied Famagusta Simos Ioannou described as “commendable” the initiative for the realization of the documentary which should, as he said, “be our ambassador, another document, another weapon in our hands in our global campaign against the occupation of the province and of a large part of our homeland “. The Municipality of Famagusta, he said, “as the metropolitan Municipality of the free but also occupied province, will continue to support the actions of the Union of Communities until the coveted return to our cities and villages”.

He added that “in the struggle we are waging for return, we must be united and strong beyond tight and personal agendas. “The responsible forces of the country must resist the worst case scenario, that of Turkey's insistence on positions that we can not accept,” he said, noting that “we must be prepared for alternative proposals that have European support.” >

At the same time, he expressed the belief that “we must use every available tool at our disposal to achieve this. The synchronization between the demands of Turkey, in this range of issues, is offered in order to make moves in favor of our case “.

The Vice President of the Board of Directors of RIK Eleni Loukas congratulated the Union of Displaced Communities of Famagusta and the President of Michalis Tziortas who have made this project a reality. I bow to this work because I believe it is necessary and it will be a very important factor for us who were born and have lived for some years in the occupied territories, to remember them but especially our children and our descendants to learn what our land is, to learn that this land is ours and we are not going to give it to anyone. “

Ms. Luke promised that RIK would use the documentary “in the best possible way to promote the memory of our occupants because there must be no memory left.” We must promise ourselves that we will go back to our occupied land “he noted.

On behalf of the actors of the documentary, Charalambos Charalambous referred to the two years, the years of the pandemic of the coronavirus, which were needed for the writing of the texts, the research for the collection of information material for each of the occupied villages, the search for photographic and other relevant accompanying material for the texts but also in the creation of the documentary.

He added that “almost half a century since 1974 with the older of the refugees having passed away, with the memories fading, with the younger ones having no performances from their villages and” I do not forget “becoming today” no I remember “, I hope that the documentary is a tool that will stimulate the interest of children to know and love their villages and adults to continue to remember them. Let us all together renew our hopes, endurance and faith for the return to our homeland, to a free and reunited homeland “, he concluded.

After the greetings, honorary awards were given Plaques in the documentary.

It is noted that the event was attended by, among others, MPs, the District of Famagusta, the President of the Union of Municipalities, the Bishop of Karpasia, Commander of KSED, the Mayor of the occupied Lefkonikos and Common Leaders.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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