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Thursday, February 2, 2023

PD: Time for Cyprus – Turkey EEZ with international initiative

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“It is now even more urgent to take an initiative by the EU, the UN and the US, which have said they would like to see Turkey involved in the Mediterranean, in order to delimit the zone of exclusive economic exploitation between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey,” he said. President Anastasiadis.

In statements to reporters after his visit to the “Sotos Hadjiprokopiou” camp in Cherry, the President of the Republic was asked if our side, given its desire to resume talks on the Cyprus issue, expects someone to signal the start of a “I have the impression that the Ukrainian crisis is an opportunity for Europeans, Americans and the UN to create the conditions for causes of the Ukrainian war, to be resolved.

SEE ALSO: & nbsp; US with Turkish stamp seeks FA – “Ideas” from Ankara that the EU is calling for alternative energy sources. These energy sources are offered in the Levantine Basin, in the Eastern Mediterranean, either by Israeli, Egyptian or Cypriot deposits. And not only that, because the pipelines can help, so that we also have from the Arab countries Gulf.

Therefore, it is an opportunity, if Mr. Erdogan means what he said yesterday for reasons of impression, and I wish I could refute, to take initiatives. And it was my intention, in addition to the confidence-building measures, to suggest that the EU take the initiative before the war. Now it becomes even more urgent to take an initiative by the EU, the UN, but also the US , who said they would like to see Turkey involved in the Mediterranean, so as to delimit the zone of exclusive economic exploitation between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey. recipe for a solution, not the one put forward by Turkey , ie of the two separate states, but of the bi-communal bi-zonal federation, as long as the conditions are such as to allow the functioning of the state, the independence of the state or the independence from guarantees and, consequently, the dependence on the influence of third countries. >

We do not want to experience conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina or Lebanon, where similar arrangements with the intended ones have resulted in two non-functional and essentially dead states.

It is in the interest of both the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots, but also of Turkey, that the solution of the Cyprus problem is based on the principles of the UN, the principles and values ​​of the EU. “such as the modernization of the Customs Union, the issuance of passports, progress in the accession negotiations, progress on energy issues, progress on issues of interest to the region, so that we can create conditions of peace and stability.”

Asked if there were any positive signs from Turkey, the President replied “unfortunately, no . On the contrary, what has been told to us, despite what the President of Turkey said yesterday, is that until the Turkish elections there is no intention on their part to take any initiative to resolve the Cyprus issue. “

In a reporter's remark about Turkey's friendship attack on countries such as Israel, Egypt, the Arab Gulf countries and its attempt to pass pipelines through the occupied territories, and asked if we have assurances that these plans will not materialize, the President said that “The tripartite cooperation we have developed here also shows the magnitude of a sound foreign policy that prevents such phenomena.

Any improvement in relations with either Israel or Egypt, if and when achieved, unilateral actions to the detriment of the Republic of Cyprus. “And that's very important.” the March Council, where the issue was registered, but after the events the priorities were unfortunately overturned. However, I have informed both the President of the European Council, Mr. Charles Michel, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Josep Borrell, and the President of the European Commission, Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, and Ms. Newland during her recent visit to the Republic of Cyprus. ” .

Source: www.philenews.com

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