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PEC is moving forward, EAC still

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PEC is moving forward, EAC still

At a time when the EAC – but also RAEK and DSMK – are suffering from problems in the smooth execution of contracts for the upgrade of the three boilers in Vasiliko (total capacity 390 megawatts), the frequent problems-arrhythmias in the operation of the two combined cycle units (approximately 450 megawatts), the dangerous exhaustion of the available-permitted operating time of the steam turbines at the Dhekelia station but also the timely award of the bid for the 6th unit (combined cycle) in Vasiliko, Power Energy Cyprus (PEC), in the interests of its owners Cyfield, yesterday officially announced its agreement with the giant Siemens for three gas turbines (SGT-800C1), so that at the beginning of 2023 the operation of the first private conventional power plant, for 262 megawatts, will start.

The agreement of PEC with Siemens was revealed a few days ago by “F”.

According to the PEC announcement, the works for the construction and operation of the first private conventional electricity station are continuing normally and on schedule. The CEO of PEC, George Chrysochos, stated that this project is one of the largest in the field of infrastructure in Cyprus and is expected to contribute significantly to the further development of the place. The station will operate with modern technology of combined cycle with 3 wind turbines, which will consume natural gas (s.s. if the plans of DEFA to start the decontamination towards the end of 2022 are implemented …).

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“Currently,” added Mr. Chrysochos, “contracts have been signed for the start of construction and installation of the machines, which will have a productivity (efficiency) of 60%, which is expected to significantly reduce the energy costs of Cyprus.” “Based on current data and consumption needs, this station is expected to cover one third of the electricity demand in Cyprus (during the winter-spring period)”.

According to the announcement, “PEC has signed and accepted the preliminary network administrator connection terms for connecting to the network”.

Regarding the progress of the project so far, Mr. Chrysochos emphasizes that all earthworks have been completed on the basis of schedules, while:

w Fire protection tanks

w The storage tank for deionized and drinking water

w The pumping station at sea

w The management building

w The warehouses

The design for the installation of the submarine pipe that will transport water from one kilometer through the sea to the station has also been completed. The plant is expected to be operational in early 2023 and the cost of the investment to be covered by equity and borrowing from Cypriot banks will amount to 200m euros. The company seeks to use natural gas for electricity generation, with DEFA reportedly pledging to have refilled gas available to electricity producers in Cyprus by early 2023 at the latest. It is important to note that in its announcement PEC notes that “it will proceed normally with the production of electricity using diesel” if the supply of natural gas does not start on time. In such a case, however, the cost of production will be significantly higher and PEC's goal of penetrating the electricity market will become more difficult.

Problem for EAC and adequacy of electricity production

At the same time, in the EAC they have it with “F” and its sources, because it published indisputable data from official letters and minutes of meetings, based on which the DSMK considers the Vasilikos station unreliable for the time being, due to delays and failures. in the upgrade of the three steam turbines, and CERA adopts the warnings of the TSMK and sounded the alarm in many directions to avoid unpleasant developments in terms of meeting the demand for electricity until 2023. The EAC is called upon to find the operation, in full efficiency, of its units in Vasiliko, but also of the six steam turbines (360 megawatts) in Dhekelia, in order not to lead the country to painful situations, instead of putting them with journalists, who portray the alarming situation in the field of electricity energy.

Source: www.philenews.com

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