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Pegasus Case: Do we export surveillance?

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Pegasus Case: Do we export surveillance?

Sophia in Veld directly links Cyprus to the new scandal of monitoring the telephone devices of politicians, journalists, officials and activists from countries' governments and state services.

The Dutch MP of the Liberals, in a relevant question to the European Commission (18/07/2021) on the issue of Pegasus software of the company NSO, considers it a given that Cyprus is the basis of this company. He notes, characteristically, that products of NSO Group Technologies are exported from our island. It is the company that produces the Pegasus software, thanks to which state services (Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan) were able to gain full access to the telephones of important persons. “NSO is an Israeli company that exports its products from both Bulgaria and Cyprus,” the note said.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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