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Peggy Zina for George Lyra: I lost my father at 15 and it was fatal that I would look for Dad

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Peggy Zina gave a revealing interview and talked about her music career, but also her personal life.

The popular singer was invited to the show “Open” and initially answered if she “fits” as a person , in the music industry.

“I do not have a good opinion of our space. Although I love my art very much, in this space I feel like a comet. I do not fit into this field professionally at all, there are very few people I appreciate. I also have people I get along with, but they are not my friends that I will take every day to talk. “There is fellow solidarity,” said Peggy Zina.

had managed to make the career he has today.

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“I might not be where I am today, if George were not in my life. He wanted me to succeed, more than I did. I would still open a program, I can not claim things for myself. My character could not prevail in the field, the competition is unthinkable. “I have experienced incredible competition from men mainly, because I have not met women”, the singer explained.

As he said later, they met Giorgos Lyras in 1996, when he was the manager of Stelios Rokkos. “We lived together and for 3-4 years he did not deal with me at all. And at some point, close to 4 years ago, she told me that I did not have it and that this & # 8220; should not end with me so that they would not say that her partner helped her & # 8221 ;. Little by little, everything started to come more smoothly in my career. As a manager George is not easy, he is very strict. “The only reason to fight is work,” said Peggy Zina.

“At the age of 15 I lost my dad and I lived in fear of death since I was 12, when he got sick. It was fatal that I would look for a & # 8220; dad & # 8221; in the future. Before Lyra I had no other connection, I only had 2-3 flirts. It was my first serious relationship, we have been together for 26 years. Electra was born when 15 years of relationship with George had already passed. At the beginning of our relationship, we fought a lot. But at some point, I told him & # 8220; if you want, you can separate yourself & # 8221; and so we started to have fun with our quarrels “, the singer added.

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