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Pelican in AKEL: Cyprus has exceeded its energy targets for 2020

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It is obvious that AKEL is unaware of data and facts concerning the Energy sector, Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos states in a written response to AKEL, adding that “despite the impressions they are trying to cause, “Cyprus has not only managed to meet its energy targets for 2020, but also to exceed them”.

“Everyone who comments on the energy sector should know that the path to the green transition is not unambiguous and is mainly not implemented with oversimplifications and slogans,” he notes.

Mr. Pelekanos adds that “but we can not ignore the challenge, because it is a challenge, when it comes from AKEL, which daily unfairly criticizes the high prices. Just to remind that it was under AKEL governance that the contracts were signed with RES producers for excessively high guaranteed prices, resulting in the deficit in the budget of the RES and FDI Fund in the years 2015 and 2016 “.

As he states, the result of the decisions taken then is still paid by the Cypriot consumer .

Mr. Pelekanos goes on to say that “and because the critique should be based on data, we note that in 2012 the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources in electricity generation was only 4.93%, while in 2020 it has almost tripled, reaching 12.04 “In heating and cooling the corresponding percentage was 21.76% in 2012 and 37.12% in 2020”.

He also adds, our country has achieved a percentage of 17% compared to 13% which was the mandatory target set by the European Union for the use of RES in final energy consumption for 2020.

“The evidence we present proves the progress that has been made, especially in the unfavorable fiscal framework received by the Government in 2013. Nevertheless, we are convinced that we must leave the controversy behind and focus on achieving our goals, for to meet the great challenge we have before us, which is none other than the Green Transition “he states in his written answer.

The Government Spokesman notes that the main goals promoted by the Government are firstly to strengthen the security of our country's energy supply and to lift our energy isolation, through the electrical connections of Cyprus with Greece, Israel and Egypt. According to him, the Cyprus-Crete electricity interconnection has been approved for funding of € 657 million, the highest amount of sponsorship that Cyprus has ever secured from the EU for a project of common interest. “Our country, for the first time in its history, is facing a historical development that is none other than its electrical connection with Europe,” he says.

It also states that the Government is promoting the functioning of the competitive internal electricity market in 2022 after decades of efforts, strengthening the role of consumers in the energy market, by promoting the institution of prosumers and Energy Communities, reducing energy costs for households and businesses through horizontal measures, the promotion of new legislation and reforms such as the single-door licensing of RES projects and the promotion of new energy technologies such as storage and hydrogen.

Another goal promoted by the Government, the Spokesman notes, is to provide incentives to encourage green investment by households, businesses and public bodies, with particular emphasis on vulnerable groups and in mountainous areas. According to him, in 2021, sponsorship plans amounting to over € 40 million were announced for energy upgrades, energy savings and the use of RES, while the corresponding amount for 2022 exceeds € 90 million.

Recalls that the above objectives have been incorporated in the strategy of the “Cyprus Tomorrow” Plan, which includes, inter alia, reforms for the introduction of green taxation, the opening of the electricity market, the facilitation of energy renovations in buildings, the acceleration Electricity mobility and a wide range of investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, targeting households, businesses, municipalities, the wider public sector and non-governmental organizations.

on the mass development of smart meters, energy storage infrastructure, as well as funding for the “EuroAsia Interconnector” project, the electricity interconnection of Cyprus, Israel and Greece, which is expected to enhance the production of electricity from cleaner sources, especially from renewable sources.

These are the things we need to focus on, governing moderately and creatively, and concludes Mr. Pelekanos.

Source: www.philenews.com

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