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PEO: Supports the mobilization of POED for the expansion of pre-primary education

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PEO supports POED mobilization for expansion of compulsory free public primary education – They disagree with the way the government is promoting its expansion

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The PEO expresses its support with an announcement for the mobilization it is carrying out on Wednesday the POED for the expansion of compulsory free pre-primary educationfrom the age of 4, within the framework of public education structures.

As stated in the announcement, “the reduction of the year of admission to compulsory pre-primary education is a measure that will have educational as well as social benefits”. however, she expresses her disagreement with the way the government intended to expand pre-primary education.

Specifically, it states that “the measure to extend compulsory free pre-primary education from the age of 4 should be implemented through public education structures and not through procedures that promote the privatization of education, providing equal universal access to all the children of this age”.

He notes, of course, that “measures to improve the availability and accessibility of care structures from infancy to school age play an important role for the inclusion of women in employment and for st throwing of the new families”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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