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Perdios: The beginning of 2021 without expectations in tourism

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Perdios: The beginning of 2021 without expectations in tourism

The plans for the new tourism product of Cyprus were presented before the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, by the Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios, which in some parties created satisfaction, while in others caused concerns. As the Undersecretary clarified, in the first months of 2021 there are no expectations for tourist flow.

In a statement after the meeting of the Committee, Mr. Perdios said that following the briefing given to the Council of Ministers last week, he also informed the Parliament about this year's action plan of the Ministry of Tourism, in the framework of the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy.

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He reminded that this year's action plan includes 3 pillars: Promotion and marketing, in the framework of which the largest digital campaign ever made for Cyprus abroad will be carried out, the upgrading of the infrastructure with emphasis on the special forms of tourism in the framework of which many incentive plans for specific forms of tourism, such as cycling, cultural sites, leisure centers, wine tasting centers and others, and improving the competitiveness of rural and mountainous areas, which are a very important parameter in the implementation of the national tourism strategy.

He reiterated that the vision of the State Department is to connect tourism in the mountains and the countryside, especially with all related businesses and activities, such as handicrafts, handicrafts, agriculture, handicrafts,

Continuing, the Deputy Minister of Tourism said that a lot of work has been done in relation to the laws that regulate issues related to the tourism product and referred to the legislation on camping, noting that in this area “we are entering a new era as more and more people are interested. to spend time in nature “. He expressed the belief that camp tourism is a product for which Cyprus can compete with claims.

He said that in addition to what we knew so far, glamping camps have been added to this tourism product and we will be at everyone's disposal to enact legislation that can meet claims in the future. In the final stage of elaboration, opinions will be sought from various bodies and then it will be submitted to the legal service for legal elaboration with the aim of implementation next year 2022.

He noted that it is very important and very interesting for Cyprus.

He also said that on March 1, as is the decision of the Council of Ministers, the ethers will open, which means that passengers from 56 countries will be able to visit Cyprus without being limited to 14 days, unless they are positive in tests. on arrival and also will not be barred from entering. He clarified that it is a modified categorization compared to the one in force in 2020.

He went on to say that the country categories will now be green, orange, red and explained that passengers from countries in the green category will not need to be tested, in the orange category passengers will have to take a test before traveling to Cyprus and in the red category, passengers must be tested before their departure for Cyprus and upon their arrival in Cyprus.

Mr. Perdios expressed the view that the decided categorization will offer stability and will give breath as much as the demand. “I say the latter because during the first months of the tourist year we should not expect to have anything particularly important in terms of arrivals,” he added.

Answering a question, he said that it is too early to estimate, all countries are in the middle of the second or third wave of the pandemic and it is difficult for anyone to decide to travel today, or in February or March. “There is a reluctance on the part of our partners abroad to specify which program they plan to follow this year,” he added, adding that a clearer picture would emerge in the coming weeks.

Asked about the health passport, Mr. Perdios said that at the moment it is just an idea that is being discussed at European level. “To be honest, there are several reactions, there are those who want it and those who do not want it”, he continued and expressed the view that “it is not something essential that needs commentary”.

The Chairman of the Trade Committee Andreas Kyprianou, speaking to KYPE expressed satisfaction because as he said with the new strategic plan Cyprus will not only be a tourist destination of sun and sea and focused only on hotel tourism but many other actions are involved, which change substantially and the tourist product of Cyprus aiming at mountainous Cyprus, the traditional paths, the traditional products and many more, on the wine roads.

This is particularly encouraging because we believe that it will lead not only to an increase in the tourist flow but also to the fight against astyphilia, which plagues the countryside, he said.

He also said that the Commission was informed about the new logo for the promotion of the Cypriot tourism product and described as important the fact that the strategic plan is being implemented 100%, which will extend the tourist season and increase the quality of the tourism product.

The Member of Parliament and President of the Ecologists 'Movement – Citizens' Cooperation, Charalambos Theopemptou, said after the session that the most important thing for the Movement is for everyone in Cyprus to be able to benefit from tourism revenues, wherever they are and are active.

To achieve this goal we would like to see programs that will promote the economic development of the mountainous areas, especially the Akamas areas, so that the residents can have an income, have tourists who travel all over Cyprus and have the a fair and fairer distribution of tourism revenues throughout Cyprus and all communities that currently have problems related even to their survival, he said.

Asked to comment on the promoted regulation for luxury camps, Mr. Theopemptou reminded that for months the Movement has submitted a bill to regulate the operation of the camps.

“I am very concerned about the creation of large and luxurious camps,” he said, adding that he was not opposed, but added that “we must be extremely careful.”

He reminded that the camps in the forest are done with the help and cooperation of the Department of Forests, adding that we are concerned about their integration in the forest, the activities they will include, the number of people they will host and we clearly do not want to allow and to see camps that will cause nuisance, in the wild and forest and are contrary to the protection of the environment.

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