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Persian Gulf: Silent fish from the Iranians – Anxiety for the Greek sailors

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The case of the release of the crews of the two Greek-owned tankers in the Persian Gulf is evolving into a thriller. From Friday, when the pirate results in the Delta Poseidon and Prudent Warrior tankers were made by the Guards of the Revolution until Sunday morning, there has not been much progress in the negotiations between Greece and Iran.

Greek and foreign sailors are not in custody, as announced by the Iranian authorities and remain on the ships while the communication of the Ministry of Shipping and the two ship-owning companies and with the tankers Delta Poseidon and Prudent Warrior that were occupied on Friday has been fully restored. the Guards of the Revolution.

“The crew of the two Greek tankers has not been arrested and all the crew members are in good health and are being protected and provided with the necessary services while on board, in accordance with international law,” the state Ports Authority said on Saturday. and Shipping of Iran in a statement transmitted by the Tasnim agency.

The movements of the Foreign Minister

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after the intense protest made to the Iranian Ambassador, emphasizing that these acts are contrary to the fundamental rules of International Law and International Navigation, continues the diplomatic efforts for the release of the sailors and the ships.

The Foreign Ministry, which handles the case diplomatically, speaks openly about piracy and stresses that if the case is not resolved immediately, it will worsen not only Athens-Tehran relations, but also the European Union's relations with Iran.

< p>As for the actions of the Iranian side after the relevant announcement on the health of the crew members, there is silence. A fact that intensifies the ongoing war of nerves on the part of Tehran in order to send a message to Greece and the EU after the decision of a Greek court to seize a tanker transporting Iranian oil, off Evia.

This unprecedented piracy, which took place in the midst of Iran's escalating confrontation with the West over its nuclear program, sends a message that it will not tolerate further seizures of ships or cargo of Iranian interests.

Plakiotakis: Good on sailors' health – Attack on two ships equals piracy

Attack on two ships under the Greek flag is a clear violation of the rules of international law and is equivalent to piracy, as noted by the Minister of Shipping and Of Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis.

“The Foreign Ministry has taken a very strong step towards the Iranian ambassador since yesterday, emphasizing that this action strengthens bilateral relations, but also Iran's relations with the European Union, which was immediately informed.

The members of the crew of the two ships, according to our latest communication, are in good health. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are doing all the steps to release the sailors and the ships “, he concludes.


Iran: Diplomatic fever over the release of sailors from tankers & # 8211; What the father of a Greek crew member says

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Source: politis.com.cy

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