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Petevinos: “Dalcio is not a priority for us”

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Nektarios Petevinos was a guest on SPORTS FM 95.0 and the show “Kane Gioiro”.

Read the main positions of the E/T of APOEL:

About planning: “It is a period of intense processes in all sectors. We want to have a core core of players so that the team does not lose its cohesion. Tehera is one of our coach's favorites. It's his choice, he loved him too much. From there, our priorities are to acquire a left-back, a midfielder and two forwards”

For the preparation:“All players must come to Cyprus by 16/6. There will be a period in Cyprus for about two weeks. We will be in Archangelos. We estimate that either the last day of June or the first day of July we will go abroad. We close to Serbia. We will play 4 friendlies there. We will come back and have another friendly in Cyprus to prepare for the first European game”

For Dalsio and Kvilitaia:“As APOEL we are clear. They are two guys who offered to the team last year, hence our intention to renew. For Kvilitaias, we also exceeded the limit of excess. We were very close. Last day it was on his part that he has an offer he can't refuse. We told him we cannot upgrade our proposal. For Dalcio we made a brave increase. The footballer had financial intentions far beyond the limits. We have raised our offer. He did not accept her. There is a big difference. At some point, the discussions froze. After Dalsio he wanted to discuss but his intentions did not change. Mr. Petridis was clear that he cannot do anything else. Dalcio is not a priority for us. We have acquired a player for there. We have priority to get another midfielder. We look at some other cases. Villafanies is not a priority.

For the targets: “Of all the names that have come out, zero names are valid. There are players who have been suggested, some who might have clicked with the drafters. What we are looking at is to be as ready an option as possible. At the moment the players we have entered into a more intense process to close, it has not been written in any medium be evaluated”

For the long-term: “People's participation is of key importance. No team income until next September. Our only income now is the season tickets. The durable market is crucial. People are responding to a significant degree. We have exceeded 1000. We want to break the record of 8000”

For the stadium: “We will have developments next week”

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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