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Petevinos for transfers, Ilias, Wheeler and embargo

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The press representative of APOEL on SPORT FM 95.0

ΠετεβΙνος για μεταγραφες &Eta

APOEL arrived in Bulgaria yesterday where the basic stage of preparation will take place, while the transfer planning is in progress. In this context, Nektarios Petevinos, the press representative of the “blue and orange” spoke to SPOR FM 95.0 and to the show “Kane Girito” with Stella Sokratous.

His statements:

For the basic stage of preparation in Bulgaria:“The shipment arrived late last night. The regular training schedule starts today. There's training in a bit. We are now entering this 10-day preparation, it is a part of the preparation program that is considered very important. This is where the characters connect beyond the racing part. We are a team that didn't make many changes. And from this point of view of the bond we are at a very good level. The other guys will be integrated and I have to say that a good job was done in terms of time. The additions made where the team needs reinforcement. The latest development we had with the departure of Ferrari creates a void but of course as you understand it will be filled in the next few days”.

For the quorum in training:“When Sa Pinto took over and started training at Archangelos we had a lot of absences, 11 in total. At the moment everyone is at the disposal of Mr. Sa Pinto and he can instill his own tactics and philosophy. We also have the friendlies where you realize that the training is one thing and the match conditions are another”.

On Essling and Diavara: “The two guys won't count for this stage of the season. When we have a final result we will update. As the president said, we had 3 vacancies. I remind you that Esselink and Diavara are taking a place on the A list this year and with this logic we proceeded with the planning”.

For Ferrari: “The case of Ferrari was as you said, the developments were in a very short period of time. Franco wanted to have another football roof in his career, he had a great time in Greece. It shouldn't take long since the team was leaving to go abroad. A compromise solution has been found that is beneficial to the team. We have seen some reports from Greece about APOEL's debts to the player, these are not true in any case, not in the least. Franco is leaving as a friend but from the moment he leaves, APOEL will go to select a player for the A list whose goal is to be even better”.

For the transfer of left back and for Ben:“There is currently one vacancy. No further decision has been made on Ben's matter. I said he has a long-term injury but no decision has been made. It is normally calculated in list A of APOEL. Our goal is to acquire a left back who will be over 22 years old. Now another addition to this position that will be on list B I can't if I block it. Let's not forget that Wheeler is gone too.”

On the Wheeler issue: “I think there was a misunderstanding. Last Friday I said that APOEL gave two proposals to Christos Wheeler. One in February and one before it hit. The player's requirements were not the same, but we had said that the new coach should evaluate the situation. When Mr. Sa Pinto came, Christ asked for a meeting. There was a meeting afterwards and the reservation was expressed regarding his injury. But the door was not closed. That day on June 23, there was a conversation and Mr. Petridis' response was that there would be a meeting last Wednesday. 10 minutes later came the player's post. I don't know what Christ means about falsifying the truth. It was a hasty move what he said in his post. From then on, Mr. Sa Pinto is looking for a left back over 22 years old”.

For Mr. Spanou's post:“I believe that Mr. Spanos obviously did not realize or was not present at the APOEL General Assembly. I want to believe that in the previous days he would have been informed by the dozens of articles after the convention. Mr. Spanos criticizes APOEL for the financial strategy followed by the team. As far as I know, Mr. Spanos does not deal with the affairs of APOEL. It compares two situations to say that there are financial problems. It's for someone to wonder”.

For Ilias:“Marios Ilias came to APOEL last year with the team giving 40,000 thousand for his loan. APEOL made an offer to Ethnikos Achnas to take the footballer again this year for an amount worth 70 lavish euros and with a purchase clause to train next summer. The issue of value in relation to the return to the club he belongs to is more than good. We have the example of Pieros with the money given is almost the same for APOEL to get the player. With Marios Ilias there can be more. I don't know what Ethnikis will do, we made our proposal, it's on the table. ».

For the young:“Mr. Sa Pinto wanted fewer. We have quite a few kids from the academy. We have the return of Gavriel, Polykarpou, Vrontis, Tzamas and Katirtzis, who emerged as the best in the youth league, are also coming back”.

On the rumors about Leuven's offer to Gavriel: > “We have not received any proposal for any footballer”.

For the venue of the rematch with Vojvodina:“Vojvodina announced this to their fans. We are waiting for the information from UEFA. We don't have this update yet. I said there was that possibility. But we are forced to wait for this announcement. It doesn't really matter to us. Clearly, Vojvodina could have more people in their own stadium, but also us at the same time”.

Regarding the season tickets: “If we compare it to last year, the difference is huge that exists. Last year in the first week we reached 1080 tickets. We are currently on day four and have surpassed 2000k. I should say that the benefits (free entrance to the game with Volos and extra points on the loyalty card, if someone renews until tomorrow “.

For the reports in Italy about a transfer embargo: “Before 10 days ago the General Assembly took place and what the president had said was published in the media. Now if someone wrote something in Italy and we have to open this conversation again, what can I say? It's good to know one thing and filter it later.”< /p>

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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