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Petridis – Giolitis are fighting for borrowers – courts

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Petridis - Giolitis are fighting it for borrowers - courts

The changes being promoted by the government to give borrowers access to justice for the sale are under discussion. Finance Ministers Konstantinos Petridis and Justice Emily Giolitis are in an open line of communication for the amendments. The changes focus on the legal framework governing the judicial process, as well as the sale process, for the speedy settlement of disputes between borrowers and banks / credit companies, both before and after the start of the sale proceedings, with emphasis on the social and economic vulnerable groups of the population.

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What is being considered is whether the amendments will be made to the existing bill, which establishes special jurisdiction in the District Courts, which will consider financial cases related to the sale. However, the bill will be presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs next Wednesday and it is not ruled out that the changes that are being promoted will be revealed.

Meanwhile, after the positive vote given by Solidarity in the state budget of 2021, yesterday the president of DISY Averof Neophytou met with the president of the Movement Eleni Theocharous. Solidarity is expected to co-sign the DISY law proposals for the abolition of the payment of tax in cases of sale of properties that are mortgaged to MES. Specifically, a borrower who had a non-performing loan until the end of 2015 and sold his property to repay the loan did not pay taxes and fees, nor transfer fees, while when the property was sold by the bank, the debtor paid taxes and . State guarantees were also at the center of the discussion. The Ministry of Finance has already sent the draft bill to the parties, from which it expects to receive their proposals. The president of DISY Averof Neophytou stated that the state guarantees must be voted, as they will be the best help to the local businesses. Mr. Neophytou expressed restrained optimism that this tool will soon be given to businesses. For her part, Eleni Theocharous stated that some small and medium enterprises will not succeed if they do not have liquidity.

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