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Petrolina: Actions with a positive impact on society and practices for a sustainable future

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Petrolina's CSR policy is developed in five axes: Social Solidarity, Health, Culture-Sports-Education, Environment and Working Environment

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Inextricably linkedtogether with society as a whole, Petrolina responds in practice to the needs of Cypriot society both in times of prosperity and in times of crisis, aiming not only to play a responsible role in the economic development of the country but also to always be at the side of our fellow human beings.

Makingan integral part of the social fabric of the place, with the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) existing for decades and acting as a driving force of the human-centered development strategy, Petrolina supports the needs of our fellow human beings in every possible way. It adapts its actions to meet the needs of the Cypriot society and economy. We thus apply a policy of corporate social responsibility over time that covers a wide range of activities and develops in five axes: Social Solidarity, Health, Culture-Sports-Education, Environment and Working Environment.

Corporate Sustainability and Prosperity

The Petrolina,listening to the demands of the times, it adapts and highlights its modern profile, turning to production methods that achieve its sustainability. The integration of ESG criteria is within the framework of our strategic priorities, targeting issues of environmental protection, contribution to society and people and corporate governance, criteria that not only strengthen the resilience of the company but promise a more prosperous future. Which means that our actions/goals have a positive impact on both the company and society.

In this context we have embraced the energy transition with determination and in the context of the sustainable strategy development of the company, we created pcharge, the new Petrolina brand that offers complete solutions in the field of electric mobility.

5th Petrolina Offer Festival

The Petrolina Offer Festival is the culmination of the company's EKE actions and has been established as an institution, highlighting the importance of giving back to fellow human beings. With the message “Together in every dream, in every wish!”, the 5th Petrolina Bid Festival was dedicated to strengthening the Pan-Cypriot Association for children with cancer and related diseases “One Dream One Wish”. Thanks to the enthusiastic action of more than 300 volunteers from the Petrolina Community, Petrolina Kids Community and other volunteer friends, the Festival surpassed any previous audience attendance, including music, dance, food, games, favorite footballers, artists and a big concert with the popular singer Giorgos Sampanis.

Supporting society and its people

On the pillarsof Social Solidarity and Health, we stand next to bodies with recognized public benefit action, we strengthen vulnerable social groups and we continuously support Associations and Organizations related to health. Among other things, we cover the rent costs in 2 of the 4 Europa Donna Cyprus Houses, the House in Larnaca from the beginning of its operation in 2009 and the House in Paphos from 2023, we provide the fuel for the annual “Journey with its Wings of Hope” of the Telethon, supporting the work of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. At the same time, we stand next to the Pan-Cypriot Association “A Dream, a Wish”, supporting the fulfillment of wishes of children with cancer.

We support, at the same time, the “Christina Apostolou” foundation for the financial support of children and young people with chronic diseases, the “Agios Lazaros” Center for special needs and the “Agios Spyridonas” Special School. Also, the Iasonio Center for Adults with Special Needs – Colors of Life, with financial support and fuel provision to support day care and programs for people over 21 years old, as well as the Association of Friends of Agia Skepi Therapeutic Community. We are also next to Cans for Kids by providing free fuel to their vehicles. This Association collects and recycles aluminum tins for the purchase of medical equipment for the children's wards of Cypriot hospitals.

Timelesswe support the Cyprus Red Cross with monthly financial support for the purchase of basic necessities, the “Goals in Life” Organization that supports vulnerable groups in society, the Sophia Foundation for Children with the aim of fighting poverty through the special program “Cook and Offer » and the Children's Countryside of Larnaca which provides assistance to needy and sick children. We also support the Association for the Protection of Animals and Birds, and the All-Cyprus Association for Combating the Scourge of Hunger by supporting various programs to provide food, education, livelihood and medical care to children in Africa.

As a memberof the SupportCY social network, we have supported vulnerable groups during the pandemic, operating directly and multifacetedly due to the increased needs that arose. In the last 3 years, we have strengthened efforts to prevent and deal with fires through motorized patrols throughout Cyprus, as part of the Fire Prevention Programs “So it doesn't happen again” and “Become a Fire Detector”. In the same context, we immediately responded to the deadly fire of July 2021 by donating fuel to the aircraft that participated in its extinguishment. Additionally, we participated in the provision of free fuel on a Cyprus Airways flight for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Next to Sports, Culture and Education

On the pillarSports – Culture – Education, we continuously support federations, unions, academies and major sporting events, with the Petrolina Racing Team starring in the Pan-Cypriot Rally Championship in recent years. Since 2018, we have been with Olympian Pavlos Kontidis, who with his distinctions, professionalism and ethics, continues to make all of Cyprus proud. We support, among others, the Limassol International Marathon, the Larnaca International Marathon, the Cyprus Ski Federation and the Cyprus Swimming Federation.

We rewardacademic performance, we encourage and support the organization of important cultural events, Municipal Christmas events, Conferences and Conferences such as that of the “European Youth Parliament”. At the same time, we award monetary prizes to excellent school students and university students, strengthening the fields of education and cultural culture.

Positive Impact on the Environment

< strong>The protectionof the Environment is a very important concern of ours, which is why we consistently implement the policy for sustainable development and environmental protection and undertake environmental actions, which strengthen and cultivate the environmental consciousness of citizens and especially children.

< p>We implementenvironmental responsibility measures in our every business activity: from the simple management of recyclable materials in our offices, to the recycling of liquid and solid materials in our fuel facilities and service stations. We invest in renewable energy sources by installing photovoltaic systems at our gas stations, offices and facilities, while we market the environmentally friendly P-EnergyMax motor fuel that significantly reduces emissions.

< We supportorganizations and campaigns for the protection of the environment and recycling, such as GreenDot and the voluntary initiative Let's Do It! Cyprus which is part of the global cleaning campaign Let's Do It! World, aiming to rid the world's natural areas of litter. At the same time, we are supporting the work of the Cyprus Environment Foundation (CEF) to protect and enhance the natural beauty, biodiversity and ecosystems of Cyprus.

Team spirit and efficiency

At Petrolina we consider our human resources as the most important condition for success and we provide a pleasant Working Environment that respects people and promotes trust, team spirit and efficiency. The company is considered as one of the best employers in Cyprus with safe working conditions, advancement opportunities, continuous education and training, strengthening relationships and bonds and open communication channels between management and employees.

Petrolina Community < /strong>and Petrolina Kids Community

Volunteeringhas been adopted with a lot of love and enthusiasm by all the company's staff and has given huge examples of humanity and love in dozens of actions towards the Cypriot society. Through Petrolina's human resources and in the context of supporting social solidarity programs, we have created the Petrolina Community volunteer group where staff, gas station owners and their families participate in practice in our social actions. Petrolina Community annually organizes blood donations among the staff and members of the company's management, as a minimum sign of giving life.

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E: [email protected], www.petrolina.com.cy

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Instagram: @petrolinaholdings

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