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Petrolina and Europa Donna Cyprus 15 years together

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Πε&tau ;ρολΙνα και Εuropa Donna Κyπρου 15 χρόνια μαζΙ

Sponsor in 2 of the 4 Houses of Europa Donna Cyprus

In the welcoming atmosphere of the House of Europa Donna Cyprus in Nicosia, a press conference was held on Wednesday, May 17, during which the reinforcement of support for Organization by Petrolina, with the additional sponsorship of the rent of the House in Paphos.

A multifaceted and extremely important collaboration has been developed between Petrolina and Europa Donna Cyprus since 2009, the year when Petrolina, responding to the needs of the Organization, supported Europa Donna Cyprus in practice by sponsoring the rent of the House in Larnaca.

This sponsorship acted as a catalyst for the creation of the House and since then the collaboration has been extended to other forms of practical support, most recently the additional sponsorship of the rent of Europa Donna's House in Paphos.

The operation of these Houses is very important, since support services are provided to people with experience of breast cancer or gynecological cancer. In addition, in a specific program, services are extended to the individual's immediate family circle. The correct information, professional information and psychological support not only for people with cancer experience but also for their families, together with the love and humane approach of the staff, have succeeded in turning each Home of Europa Donna Cyprus into their second Home.

Expressing warm thanks and unlimited gratitude to Petrolina, the Executive Director of Europa Donna Cyprus Marios Charalambidis, stated that “We feel really grateful that Petrolina is the blood donor of 50% of the Homes, sponsoring 2 of the 4 Homes in Cyprus, and partnering with Europa Donna Cyprus at 2/3 of the Organization's life”, emphasizing that “We are very happy that Petrolina, such a large and successful Organization in its field, shows such sensitivity and love towards our fellow cancer sufferers as well as in the multifaceted work that we perform as Europa Donna Cyprus”.

In her speech, the President of the Board of Directors of Europa Donna Cyprus, Mary Perdiou, warmly thanked Petrolina, who stands as a fellow traveler in this struggle, because as she said “the lives of these women are worth a lot and we have an obligation to take care of them. The Paphos House rent grant helps us to continue to operate, to inform and raise awareness about breast cancer and gynecological cancers, to offer the services and products that are useful to a woman on the journey with cancer but also to claim the rights of patients”.

As the Executive Councilor of Petrolina Georgia Lefkaritis stated, “Our first visit to the House in Larnaca in 2009 was enough to realize the enormous work that Europa Donna Cyprus is doing. For 15 years now we have been following every step of the Organization and our choice to stand next to it, as supporters and fellow travelers, fills us with joy and pride”, emphasizing that “With the additional sponsorship of the rent of the House in Paphos, our cooperation is further strengthened more, and 'step, step we move forward together', following the message of Europa Donna Cyprus, 'Step, step together we win life!' Finally, Mrs. Lefkaritis assured that Petrolina, as a long-term sponsor of the Organization, will continue to support our fellow human beings in practice, through acts of offering, support and claiming the quality of life.

Πετρο λiνα και Εuropa Donna Κyπρου 15 χρoνια μαζi

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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