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Petros Filippidis – He will file a request for release from prison

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He has been in the prisons of Tripoli for almost ten days

Petros Filippidis - He will file a request for release from prison

The well-known actor was sentenced to pre-trial detention on Tuesday (07/27) and was taken directly from GADA to the penitentiary in Tripoli, where all the rapists are taken. The well-known actor-director Dimitris Lignadis is also in the same prisons.

There are not enough cells in this penitentiary, with the result that the detainees live in five large wards with a capacity of 20 to 25 people. Petros Filippidis spent his first nights in the prisons of Tripoli, in a very bad psychological state and alone, as according to the medical protocol for the coronavirus, he had been quarantined for about seven days. After its end, according to the Central News Bulletin of ANT1, he was in the same cell with Dimitris Lignadis and along with 18 other detainees.

At the same time, Petros Filippidis allegedly told the director of the prison that he was preparing to file an application for release from prison. The possibility of his release is considered extremely difficult, but not unlikely. According to a report by instanews.gr, Petros Filippidis has two options.

The first to file an appeal against the interrogation order of the interrogator. In this case, the case leaves the hands of the investigator who initially examined it, is re-examined and the final decision is made. This, based on what is said in legal circles, is the most probable development and the only realistic hope for the actor. This is because, as has become known, he was remanded in custody because he is suspected of committing new crimes. So, filing an appeal, he will claim that this is not the case, as the last act for which he is accused took place 7 years ago.

The second choice that Petros Filippidis is said to have, requires more time. After a few months he can apply for a replacement of the temporary detention. However, for this to happen and for him to be released, there must be serious family or health reasons or new facts and data have emerged in the case. At the moment, none of this is happening.

In addition to the request for release, the well-known actor and director will ask, according to the newspaper “On time”, to be placed under surveillance under the electronic agriculture system, also known as the “bracelet”. In fact, the information states that he is willing to cover the costs himself. This is because the actor, of course, prefers to be detained at home until his trial, rather than in a cell with 19 other detainees. The same steps were followed by Dimitris Lignadis through his lawyer, Alexis Kougia, but his request was rejected

It is recalled that, on Monday (2/08), Petros Filippidis' wife, Elpida Ninou, who has been by the actor's side from the beginning, visited him in the Tripoli prison. According to the newspaper “Espresso”, the couple was emotionally charged during their meeting, while at the end of the visit, the actor “bent” and did not let his wife leave. Both she and their son, Dimitris, support Petros Filippidis and have not left him alone.

Finally, regarding the new complaints that have arisen and concern the inappropriate behavior of the well-known actor, these will be examined in September by the Disciplinary Council of Greek Actors.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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