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Petros Filippidis: “I refuse to lash out at TV windows”

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He asks that his name not be involved in incidents

Petros Filippidis:

Calls on the media not to publish and link his name, image and voice with incidents that offend him, before they are reported to the competent authorities

Dozens of allegations of verbal, psychological and sexual harassment shock the Greek theater, while every day there is some new testimony from actors.

Without any complaint against Petros Filippidis so far, the actor on Monday night issued a statement through his lawyer requesting that he not be tried.

In his announcement he states that he was informed in the last hours that his name is involved in incidents that he ignores and for this reason he calls on the media not to publish and connect his name, his image and his voice with incidents that offend him, before them. reported to the competent authorities.

With this announcement, he may be trying to prevent situations since there are rumors that complaints against other actors are imminent. Among other things, he said, “I refuse to fall in love with TV windows”, noting that he observes a modus operandi of grouping cases, with a common point of reference the targeted performance of the category.

“You know who I have been for the last 35 years, let us not condemn the whole theater. I warmly ask you to respect my wife and our child, as the courts do not reveal the truth, but preempt guilt through no legal basis. For anyone who does not respect this sincere and spontaneous position of mine, I explicitly reserve everything in general my legal right “.

Petros Filippidis:

Shortly after the announcement of Petros Filippidis, the post made by Penelope Anastassopoulou caused various questions.

In her post she wrote: “You are stronger than you know and they are afraid of the day you will discover it”.

Petros Filippidis:

One of the first “reactions” to the announcement of Petros Filippidis was the post of Antonis Kafetzopoulos who wrote on his personal Facebook account: “Is there an own goal from the locker rooms? or I had never heard it ''.

Petros Filippidis:

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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