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Petros Filippidis rushed to the hospital with heart pain

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Petros Filippidis has been in the emergency room of the General State Hospital of Nice since the early hours of Friday, a few days after the catastrophe caused by the fake news that spoke about his death.

< p>The well-known actor, who is being tried on the charge of rape, complained of pain at around 4 in the morning, as a result of which he was transported to the hospital, from Korydallos, where he is being held.

According to the information, he is said to have states that he has pains related to the heart, and in this context he is examined by the doctors, who are expected to decide whether to keep him in the hospital.

It is recalled that the trial of Petros Filippidis is underway for a continuous accusation of rape and for two attempted rapes against three of his female colleagues.

“His anxiety is to be able to apologize even after let him die “

It is recalled that just 24 hours ago, his lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos stated that his health condition is fragile while all he is interested in is to be able to testify and then let him die .

“Petros Filippidis is bad psychologically. This is not something new. The news is that the disease he is facing, which is slowly inactivating and degrading vital functions of his body, have as a very probable result that at some point there will be a stoppage of heart function.

The anxiety that Petros Filippidis has is to be able to succeed, to be alive and to be able to apologize. His anxiety is not whether he will live, his anxiety is to be able to apologize and then let him die. That's telling me, “said Michalis Dimitrakopoulos.

Source: politis.com.cy

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