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Phaedon: The Refugee Board is afraid of contradictory-revelations

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Phaedon: The Refugee Board is afraid of contradictory-revelations

The Parliamentary Refugee Committee “is afraid of controversy and revelations,” Paphos Mayor Faidonas Faidonos said in a statement, adding that the fact that he was not invited to attend today's session of the Parliamentary Refugee Committee is nothing but accidental.

On the contrary, he notes, “this is a new expediency that is added to the game of micropolitics and disorientation that the Commission has been playing in recent days in order to shift its own long-term responsibilities for the looting of Turkish property to the detriment of refugees who really they were wronged, but also to take advantage of the so-called dissatisfaction of a very small portion of refugees in the run-up to the elections and to create, as he believes, a political cost to me through the distortion of facts and misleading statements ”.

He says that while Commission President Skevi Koukouma has publicly stated that he will be waiting for him with the Minister of Interior for explanations in Parliament and that he will force him to attend, “he suddenly changed direction when he publicly revealed the real role of the Commission as part of the problem and not as a factor in resolving it “.

Then she noted, “she organized the pre-election fiesta in Paphos and reversed her decision to invite me to Parliament with the obvious goal of not being heard and learning the truth. For the same reason I have been informed in writing that there are no transcripts or recorded minutes of the Committee meeting on 2.2.2021, which I requested in writing from the Speaker of Parliament “.

According to the Mayor of Paphos, the minutes do not exist because if they gave them to him, he would give them to the public and they would be exposed, “since the lies that were told at this meeting and which they reproduced” would be revealed.

He added that these truths will not be silenced and will not be covered up, noting that they will be heard and revealed at a press conference that he intends to give soon and in which he will speak about specific persons who are connected with the “timeless and huge scandal of t / c property “.

As Mr. Faidonos states, he will give for each of these people, who as he says do not exceed 10 cases, every detail and “the truth and the illegalities of many of them will be revealed”.

He added that about 3,000 refugees live in the city of Paphos and hundreds of them have been brutally wronged over time, while “some few refugees and non-refugees enjoy super-privileges through T / C property”. For all this, he continued, no one talks, noting that he has been fighting for staff for 5 years and has brought to the surface dozens of such cases and in several of them the illegal privileges have ended.

The Mayor of Paphos characterized as untrue the statement of Mrs. Koukouma that the visit of the members of the Commission in Paphos was supposedly completed smoothly and that the deputies had the opportunity to see each case with care and objectivity.

Everyone continued, “they saw with their own eyes that the visit was interrupted, as when I started showing photos of the miserable situation that prevailed in the area that the Municipality turned into a parking lot, the daughter of a supposedly affected person, who has nothing to do with the area for which the Commission was supposed to pay an on-the-spot visit for parliamentary scrutiny, took from my hands and tore documents and photographs ”.

She remarked that the members of the Commission remained “provocatively apathetic” in the very serious characterizations that she and her father launched against him, while she also referred to “threats” that her father made against him.

As a revelation of the real picture, Mr. Faidonos referred to the fact that out of the approximately 3,000 refugees living in the city, only 20 to 30 (10 cases) of them appear to have complaints in relation to the dozens of works done in recent years in history. center of Paphos, where the properties are mostly Turkish Cypriot.

Characteristic but also revealing of the “anti-democratic”, as the Mayor of Paphos said, the way in which the Commission behaved, said that it is the treatment that was received during its last session by the Municipal Secretary Themis Filippidis, who represented the Municipality of Paphos because , as Mr. Faidonos says, he could not attend due to serious obligations, as he had informed in advance.

At that meeting, he continued, the Commission took care to create an atmosphere of “people's court”, after for more than two hours its members and various guests carried out “personal offensive attacks” against him. When the Secretary of State stated “a reality that was tarnishing the image that the Commission had misleadingly built, he was arrested and imprisoned as a denier of the rights of refugees,” he said.

It is obvious, he continued, “that some who have the very heavy responsibility of parliamentary control, as it turns out, prefer what they are addicted to. That is, the micropolitical games, the customer routes, the set up gatherings and the elimination of the genuine dialogue “.

Concluding, he stated that even at great personal cost, he would resist these practices that society “began to perceive and, most importantly, to stylize.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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