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Pharmacists' compensation is back on the table – Their operation is up in the air

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The time has come for pharmacists and the NHS to come back to the table after the credit of time given, on the issue that arose with the 2022 reimbursements, with pharmacists being ready for demonstrations if this time their demands are not met, putting a lock even on Friday morning.

In a meeting that will take place at noon on Thursday, the representatives of the Pancypriot Pharmaceutical Association, in addition to the compensation issue, are expected to discuss the renegotiation of the agreement they have with the OAU. In fact, the pharmacists have found that in many cases the criteria and commitments of their original agreement are not respected.

In fact, in an effort not to intensify the climate on the part of the pharmacists, on Wednesday afternoon, the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipantela, called an emergency meeting with the OAU, in order to be fully informed about the proposal that will be submitted. After exchanging views, according to information, there seems to be a common approach between the Agency and the relevant minister on how the issue with pharmacists' compensation can be resolved.

Although they expect a constructive meeting that will correct the injustice that has arisen with the compensations, which both OAU and Mr. Hatzipantela have admitted, the pharmacists believe that a new agreement is possible. As the president of the pharmaceutical association, Eleni Piera Isseyek, said to the REPORTER, they anticipate a good agreement and that the Organization will assume its responsibility. “We consider that we have clearly stated our views on the financial issues that arise and given that there cannot be a retroactive budget, we expect the OAU to take responsibility with a proposal that will satisfy us”.

Along with the financial aspect, the pharmacists during the meeting will request an update or renegotiation of their agreement with the OAU, since as Ms. Isseyek explained, many of the criteria that were decided to reach the agreement between them three years ago, did not are observed.

“These criteria had played a decisive role in the initial agreement we had reached with them. We will request a commitment from the OAU that we will sit at the table and our agreement will be evaluated. Let's look at the positives and the negatives, in order to keep this agreement which is very important for patients and the OAU”, explained the president of the pharmaceutical association.

If today's meeting does not have a positive outcome, the pharmacists – although it is not their choice as they say – will immediately proceed with mobilizations, since they believe that sufficient time was given to the OAU to process the data. “We expect that we will be satisfied because mobilizations are not our choice and we have proven for three years that we stand by the Cypriot patient”. looks forward to continuing his collaboration with pharmacists. Although he did not want to comment further on what will be discussed today, the general director of the OAU, Athos Tsinondidis, contented himself with saying that he cannot predict its outcome, nor if it will satisfy the real expectations of pharmacies.

< p>However, this is going to be the last battle that Mrs. Piera Isseyek will fight for the pharmacists from the position of the president of the association, after three terms, since in the next period the Pancypriot Pharmaceutical Association will decide on its new leadership. For this fact, Ms. Isseyek noted that it is logical that after so many years the helm of the association must be renewed, however she promised that she will continue to fight for pharmacists' rights as a consultant.

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Source: 24h.com.cy

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