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PHC: Staffing with the best professionals

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PHC: Staffing with the best professionals

PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Ltd is the largest catering group in Cyprus. The group represents global brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Caffe Nero, Burger King, Jamie's Italian, Wagamama in Cyprus and Greece and Paul, but has also developed a significant number of restaurant and cafe concepts locally such as Tavernaki, Pier One, CU Café, Hobo cafe, Hobo Mediterraneo, Remezzo, To Kypriakon, Verde and Catercom Catering.

PHC will celebrate 30 years of success in Cyprus this year, having made its appearance in the restaurant area in 1991, opening the doors of the first Pizza Hut restaurant in Strovolos. Since then the group has grown rapidly reaching 110 restaurant units and with a staff of more than 1900 people on a permanent basis throughout Cyprus. The group bases its success on the quality of entrepreneurship and the clear goals but also on the pioneering and inventive thinking that occupies the whole team. With these data, it has gained international and local recognition, both for the quality of the service and the products it offers in the menus of its restaurants, as well as for the “Best Business Management” as well as the first award in Cyprus in the category Tourism / Entertainment / Focus”.

Timeless values

The culture of the group is the most important part in its wide range of ingredients of success. This success is based on values that are reflected in every team and in every restaurant, and have permeated their way of thinking and acting. Values such as respect for both colleagues and guests in the group's restaurants, transparency, integrity of character, hard work for the desired result and continuous training and development of skills of human resources, are an integral part of the group culture. This is evidenced by the fact that many of the leaders through their many years within the group, have risen through the opportunities given to them and today lead the group's brands and dynamic teams.

It is important that the group promotes new talents and focuses on a continuous, targeted and structured training that aims to consolidate each individual in his field, to gain knowledge and experience, but also to develop critical thinking aiming at their personal and professional development.


The aim of the group is its continuous development, both for each brand individually and as a whole. With the compass of efficiency, the group continues its course having the unique ability to combine the autonomy of each brand in a successful bond with the overall course of the group. The success ensured through this gives the group the opportunity to grow at a business level but also to the group teams to develop their careers. The necessary support structures, the organization but also the universal commitment of all for the best, is what allows the achievement of the group's goals and helps its smooth operation.

The superior strategic entrepreneurship of the group was felt during the financial crisis, where the group proceeded to a rapid growth course, with the opening of dozens of restaurants throughout Cyprus. With the same positivity but with strategic moves, the group's potential is currently facing the heavy blow that has been caused in the field of catering by the pandemic crisis.

In recent years the group has operated more than 50 new restaurants and cafes, thus giving development opportunities to existing and new staff, restaurant groups or support groups of the group, creating a total of over 1000 new jobs. Undoubtedly, integrity of character and honesty are among the key characteristics that are examined in each recruitment, as the group has both internal trainers who undertake the training from AZ, as well as external trainers who participate in the continuous development of skills and abilities. all staff.

From 2018, the possibility of granting degrees at one of the best universities in Cyprus is offered. In addition to the benefits offered by all employers, everyone has significant discounts at all restaurants, free lunch on a daily basis and recognizing the need for flexibility nowadays, flexible work plans are offered to everyone.

In order to create a healthy professional environment, all the efforts of the group are focused on employee satisfaction and consequently on increasing productivity. For this purpose, all staff have an open line of communication with both the human resources department and the business managers. The practices of the group aim at the continuous recognition of the staff through various tools and systems that the group has at its disposal and which allow immediate feedback, to and from the restaurants.

Source: www.philenews.com

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