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Photovoltaics: Reactions to a proposed law that favors farmers

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Association of Municipalities: It will create a bad precedent for the abolition of the obligation to secure a permit for installation of photovoltaic systems and other similar developments.

The proposed law of DISY MPs Kyriakos Hatzigiannis and Nikos Sykas for an exemption from the obligation to obtain a permit for the installation of photovoltaic systems on agricultural plots for the purpose of supplying water pumps for their own use is meeting with reactions.

The permits in question are issued by the municipalities, who disagree with the proposed legislation. The Union of Municipalities also expressed its disagreement in writing, indicating that the law proposal of the two MPs raises serious concerns regarding the following points:

1. It does not set any conditions regarding:

* The capacity and extent of the system.

* The way it is placed (e.g. on the ground or on an elevated structure).

* Any distances from borders of other plots or road borders or passages etc.

* The rights and amenities of third parties of persons.

2. It does not mention how and by whom the following issues will be ensured:

* The observance of the provisions of the specific regulation.

* The security of the system itself.

* Any public safety issues eg fire protection requirements etc

3. It will set a bad precedent for removing the obligation to secure a permit for the installation of photovoltaic systems and other similar developments.

In addition to its disagreement, the Union of Municipalities states in its letter to the MPs of the Interior Committee that the urban planning and building legislation provide ways to simplify and speed up the licensing of a wide range of developments, while maintaining the necessary safeguards to ensure the legality, safety of the applicants themselves, public safety and the rights and comforts of third parties.

How are RES companies positioned

On the other hand, with a note from to the Parliamentary Committee on the Interior, the Association of Renewable Energy Sources Companies reports the following regarding the law proposal of the two alarmist MPs:

1. The installation of photovoltaic systems for the above purpose may not constitute a project for the execution or implementation of which prior issuance of a permit by the competent authority is required, however, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the relevant facilities.

< p > 2. An important factor to consider when installing photovoltaic systems on agricultural plots is accessibility. The lack of accessibility in agricultural areas makes the installation of photovoltaic systems difficult or even impossible, for this reason it should be taken seriously in any decision.

3. It is observed the continuous modification of the legal and regulatory frameworks concerning the installation of photovoltaic systems with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the process. It is requested that the issue of the installation of photovoltaic installations be considered holistically in order to avoid possible confrontations that could oppose the desired result.

Tomorrow on the agenda

The controversial a law proposal is included for discussion in tomorrow's agenda of the Parliament's Interior Committee

Source: politis.com.cy

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