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Pileidou spoke about a plan to promote Cypriot wine

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Pileidou spoke about a plan to promote Cypriot wine

In order to finalize by the end of the month the action plan for 2021 that will focus on the specific promotion of the Cypriot wine brand but also on strengthening its export potential through other longer-term actions, the competent technical working group met last week. .

In statements to KYPE, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Natasa Pileidou said that the aim is to submit views on the action plan 2021 within the new week and “to finalize the plan by the end of the month and enter into force immediately. thus recognizing Cypriot wine as a product that has great prospects “.

The general goal, according to Ms. Pileidou, “is to upgrade Cypriot wine and increase its consumption both in the domestic market and abroad.”

The technical working group includes the Ministries of Energy, Trade and Industry and Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, the Ministry of Tourism, the CCCI and OEB and various associations, such as the Cyprus Winemakers Association (SOK).

Regarding the long-term actions and strategy, the Minister of Commerce said that a three-year plan will also be prepared which will be implemented in parallel, in addition to the 2021 plan which will include immediate actions. He noted that “the three-year plan will include broader strategic goals that will take longer to implement.”

He added that “winemakers also have a lot of ideas” which are extracted through the experiences they gained “from the huge progress they have made in recent years, identifying the needs and how we should proceed”.

Explaining specifically the actions that will be included in the plan for 2021, Ms. Pileidou told KYPE that these, in addition to the way the shopping centers are involved in the promotion of Cypriot wine, the upgrading of the image of wine and how we target the main markets, will They also concern how to study and record what kind of wines are consumed abroad and which types are the most popular in Cyprus, so that “we know about how the strategic promotion of specific types of wine should proceed in the long run.”

Also, the Minister of Commerce said that there are some pillars of the Ministry of Agriculture that concern the quality of wine and that elements can be included in the Branding which will have to do with the quality characteristics of the command and the Cypriot wine and specifically, as she said, the varieties produced in Cyprus, such as, among others, the sourdough and the fennel.

“To highlight more the special varieties of Cyprus as those varieties that differentiate our product in relation to other countries”, he underlined.

Source: www.philenews.com

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