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PIS: Commitment to the armoring, upgrading and sustainability of the GeSY

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<p data-block-key=The “responsible dedication to the efforts to protect the continuous upgrading of the quality of the health services provided and to ensure the sustainability and rational operation of the system”, announces the Pancypriot Medical Association (PIS) with its announcement, on the occasion of the completion of five years since the implementation and operation of the General Health System.

In the announcement it states that the goal of the PIS “is a reliable health system that serves patients without inconvenience and safely and which, at the same time, respects the scientific dignity of health professionals and ensures appropriate working conditions”.

He adds that his efforts are “focused on scientifically shielding the system, ensuring its long-term sustainability, improving the quality of health services, equal and timely access to innovative treatments and at the same time defending of the scientific dignity of its members”.

He then points out, in good faith, the need to rationalize the system and the need to reorganize and modernize public hospitals, adding that they are the backbone of the system. Besides, PIS puts its potential at the disposal of the state, as it states, expecting that “it will make maximum use of the scientific knowledge and expertise of the PIS leadership”. At the same time, he notes as one of the equally important sustainability parameters of the NHS the guarantee of the auxiliary role that private medicine can play.

“The first 5 years of implementation of the NHS , highlighted serious room for improvement in the system and it is our belief that in a spirit of cooperation we can improve it to meet the needs and expectations of the citizens as well as the high level where we must keep medicine in our country”, concludes the announcement .

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