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Pizza Hut: 30 years of success in Cyprus

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Pizza Hut: 30 years of success in Cyprus

Pampos Charalambous

The beginning was made 30 years ago, in 1991, when Pizza Hut opened its first restaurant in Strovolos. Much has changed since then, with it evolving at all levels and establishing itself as one of the leading forces in its class in Cyprus.

If we look at the conditions of that time we will realize that the descent of an international chain in Cyprus, due to the size of the country and the small consumer public, was great news, as Pizza Hut was the first international restaurant chain to open in Cyprus.

In fact, as the General Manager of Pizza Hut, Spyros Oikonomou, states in an interview, recalling those moments, people visited the restaurant from all provinces, especially people who studied abroad and knew the brand.

“When we started, we never expected to reach this number of stores. Then we were talking about 10 at most 12 restaurants. At the moment we have 33 restaurants and we cover 70% of the households on our island “, he explains, outlining the rapid development of the brand in Cyprus.

This is a huge number of restaurants, if we calculate the size of Cyprus, which is likely, as he told us, to be the largest in terms of population ratio in all of Europe.

Investment in staff

There is often talk about the importance of people in the development of businesses, but observing the history of Pizza Hut in Cyprus and the way the employees are rewarded and used by the company, it is obvious that the importance given to this piece was part of its success. It is no coincidence, after all, that the current management team of restaurants consists to a large extent of people who started their careers in the company as waiters, kitchen staff or call center.

One of them is the General Manager of Pizza Hut himself, who took his first steps in Pizza Hut as a waiter, in the first restaurant in Strovolos. “I personally believe that starting and evolving through restaurants gives you the opportunity to know first hand the difficulties and what our people have to face every day in restaurants, as well as the requirements of our customers. “This friction that I had over the years was the best for me and it prepared me properly to cope with the role I have today as General Manager”, said Mr. Economou.

Note, he added, that 90% of our managers today have evolved through our system, starting as kitchen staff, food distributors or even as waiters, noting that at Pizza Hut they are constantly investing in their staff in training and always promoting and promote their own people in all positions, whether as restaurant managers, regional or in positions that open in the support center.

“We set goals and everyone in the team is informed about them, so that we have a common line and a clear direction. “Each one is evaluated and rewarded accordingly, as well as a joint plan is set for its development”, as he explains to us.

Development opportunities

The fact that Pizza Hut covers 70% of the households in Cyprus does not prevent it from constantly looking for opportunities for further development. “If we find something that is worthwhile or will improve our customer service, why not”, as Mr. Economou characteristically told us, when asked if there are any new expansion plans or plans of Pizza Hut in Cyprus for the coming years.

– Read the original six-page tribute for the 30 years of Pizza Hut in Cyprus in the next issue of Insider, which will be released on December 25.

Source: www.philenews.com

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