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Plenary Session of Parliament: Unanimously voted an additional budget of € 20 million for fire victims

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Plenary Session of Parliament: Unanimously voted an additional budget of € 20 million for fire victims

The Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously voted for an additional budget of € 20 million, which was submitted with the urgent procedure for strengthening the fire victims. 47 deputies present voted in favor.

Specifically, a series of Government measures were approved to support the fire victims, from the deadly fire that broke out in mountainous areas of Larnaca and Limassol Provinces on 3 and 4 July 2021 and the fire that hit the province of Paphos on 26.6.2021. The assistance will relate to compensation mainly for damage to houses, properties, vehicles, agricultural land, etc. and will be granted by the Ministries involved, depending on competence.

The burden of the fiscal balance from the approval of the Supplementary Budget amounts to 0.096% of GDP, based on current data.

The Council of Ministers at its meeting on July 7, 2021 decided, among other things, to approve additional appropriations of € 20 million to cover the increased cost that arose due to the need to support the fire victims, from the fire that broke out in mountainous areas of Larnaca Provinces and Limassol on 3 and 4 July 2021 and the fire in Paphos District on 26.6.2021, and to authorize the Minister of Finance to submit, due to special circumstances, a bill of Supplementary Budget to the House of Representatives for study and voting by the procedure of urgency.

The President of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos stated that the text of the bill was corrected to include not only the fire in the community of Talas but in the Paphos District in general, since there were damages elsewhere.

AKEL MP Aristos Damianou said that the party will monitor the implementation of the measures and their rapid implementation. Stating that they did not see the credits in detail, he said that the compensations should not only concern the material disasters but also the families of the four migrant workers who lost their lives.

DIPA MP Alekos Tryfonidis stated that by supporting the budget, there are issues that they want to discuss about the distribution, such as that as the damage increases, the compensation decreases. He also said that non-professional farmers should be supported.

DIKO MP Chrysanthos Savvidis stated that the Government should immediately proceed with the registration of the damages in the District of Paphos, since as it knows this did not happen.

EDEK MP Elias Myrianthous pointed out that some of the victims can not be compensated because they have issues with social security and this should be resolved.

DISY MP Rita Superman clarified that the competent Ministers stated that damages will be covered for amateur farmers and even beekeepers and people who maintain greenhouses. He also said that the families of the people who lost their lives in the fires will receive € 95,000 each, € 30,000 for each member and scholarships. There is, he said, a family that will receive € 245 thousand from the Republic of Cyprus.

DIKO MP Zacharias Koulias stated that € 20 million is a very small amount for the immediate assistance of the victims and expressed the hope that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will bring the appropriate credits to compensate the victims properly.

DISY MP Nikos Tornaritis welcomed the fact that the Parliament showed sensitivity. He said that this budget is a first aid and that the MPs of DISY are ready to vote for a new budget whenever they are called.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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