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Plenary session on Thursday for the election of PtB – The process

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Plenary session on Thursday for the election of PtB - The process

With the agenda of the election of the Speaker of the Parliament, the new Parliament will convene in the first session of its five-year term, next Thursday. The election of the President will follow the legal assurance of faith in the Constitution and the laws of the state that will be given by the 59 Representatives of the people. The composition of the Parliamentary Selection Committee will also be decided and ratified. The session will be held under the unprecedented measures to stop the pandemic and is scheduled for 16.00.

According to the rules, the seat of the Speaker of Parliament will be occupied by the elder of the newly elected MPs, who is the MP of DIKO Zacharias Koulias and after the assurance the chairman will ask for candidacies to be submitted.

Well-informed sources say that it has not yet been clarified in which order the candidacies will be submitted, however it was pointed out that from 1985 onwards the nominations started from the smallest party and ended in the largest one. It was clarified that this does not necessarily mean that applications will be submitted in this order.

The vote will follow and the President to be elected will appoint the two secretaries and the dean. Just because the Constitution provides for two secretaries and two deans, but the practice so far has been to appoint two secretaries and one dean, does not mean that the Speaker of Parliament is deprived of the right to appoint two deans.

The Plenary Session will then be adjourned in order to submit nominations for the Parliamentary Election Committee, the composition of which must be ratified by the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

The Selection Committee will meet the next day to set up the Parliamentary Committees. The Speaker of Parliament is ex officio Chairman of the Selection Committee. The composition of the Parliamentary Committees must also be ratified by the Plenary Session of the legislature.

When the process is completed, the Speaker of Parliament will receive congratulations and then will receive the reins from the former Speaker of Parliament Adamos Adamou.

Regarding the measures to stop the pandemic in the room where the Plenary Session will be held (Conference Center Hospitality) people will be allowed to enter up to 50% of the room capacity and the squares are expected to be counted in order to conclude whether, by The reassurance ceremony will be attended by one or two people from the House of Representatives.

It is reminded that the voting for the election of the Speaker of the Parliament can take up to three rounds of voting.

In the first round, the candidate will be elected who will collect the next integer number of half of the present deputies, ie he will have to collect 29 votes or more to be elected.

If no President is elected in the first ballot, a second one follows and the candidate who will collect 2/5 of the positive votes of the present Voting Members of Parliament is elected Speaker of the Parliament, omitting any fraction, ie when all 56 Members are in the House will need 22 positive votes.

If the Speaker of the Parliament is not elected in the second ballot, a third ballot will follow in which the candidate who will secure the most positive votes of the present and voting Members of Parliament will be elected Speaker of the Parliament.

In the event of a tie in the third ballot, then the session is adjourned and the parties consult with each other until a solution is reached.

Until June 4, the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou from DISY, Christos Christos of ELAM and Charalambos Theopemptos of the Ecologists was a given, while the scenarios of claiming the Presidency by chances are won by the President of DIKO. claiming the Presidency, for its President.


Source: www.philenews.com

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