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Police for “As Dame”: We had information about incidents – Does not comment on civilian injuries

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In no case did the members of the Police attempt to suppress the protest last Saturday, except when it turned into a riot, said the Press Spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, who noted that if a peaceful demonstration turns into a riot scenes of violence, the Police duty to intervene to reduce it.

Asked by KYPE to refer to the events of last Saturday, in the context of a protest organized by citizens, in the center of Nicosia, Mr. Andreou stated that the Police have policed a number of events and especially recently, as a result of restrictive measures against pandemic, to add that “in many cases the members of the Police have shown tolerance given that the protests were peaceful and did not threaten the life or property of our fellow citizens.”

He explained that “the main mission of the Police, which derives from the Constitution and the Law on Police, is the preservation of Law and Order and the preservation of public peace and security”, adding that “in this context, if a peaceful demonstration is transformed in riots and scenes of violence occur, the Police duty to intervene, to limit it, with the main and sole aim of protecting other citizens and their property “.

Regarding the specific event, Mr. Andreou said that the Police issued a statement, reminding the citizens of the ban on mass gatherings, according to the relevant Decree of the Ministry of Health.

He further added that “although there have been reports in the past that persons who took part in it would use dangerous instruments and commit malicious acts on property, the members of the Police in no way attempted to suppress the protest, except , when it turned into a riot “.

In addition, he noted that in three different cases the protesters were called with a proclamation to peacefully disperse the gathering, a fact as he said, “which also shows our intentions as Police”.

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Andreou said that “based on the proclamation, the protesters are given a reasonable period of time to disperse the gathering, while those who fail are warned about the intervention of the Police”.

Regarding the use of the anti-protest vehicle of the Police, he said that “this is a modern tool, which is used to suppress riots from all over the world”, to note that “the conditions for its use, as well as the how to use it is governed by the protocol base, which originates from a specific Police Order “.

Asked about the injuries resulting from the incidents and whether there were cases of disproportionate use of force by members of the Police, Mr. Andreou said that “this will be evident from the ongoing investigation by the Independent Authority for the Investigation of Allegations and Complaints against of the Police (AADIPA).

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Thursday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck

Asked by KYPE what measures will be taken by the Police in relation to the protest that will take place next Saturday by groups and citizens in Nicosia, Mr. Andreou said that tomorrow, Thursday, a wide meeting will be held at the Police, in order to take decisions. , to handle this event.


Source: politis.com.cy

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