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Police: Measures to avoid the dangers of using the internet for children

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Police: Measures to avoid the dangers of using the internet for children

Elementary measures to minimize the risks that may arise from the use of the Internet for children, the Police announces, noting that the Cybercrime Sub-Directorate is available to the public daily, including weekends and holidays.

The announcement of the Police emphasizes that prevention and advice to children on how they can increase their critical ability in their “browsing” on the internet, are very important factors for avoiding risks.

He urges parents to connect to the internet with their children when they are under 14 years old and the computers are in public areas at home and not in the children's bedroom, to exercise the required control. The measure makes the minor computer user, he adds, feel that he is not free and out of control

Police say parents should be aware that when children use communication tools such as chat rooms, e-mail and instant messaging such as msn messenger, they run the risk of contacting an internet corruptor.

“Teach your children that what they read or see on the internet is not always true. “Encourage them to ask you if they have any doubts and when something seems strange to them on the internet, they should tell you.”

Children, it is said, should be aware that if someone starts asking them erotic questions on the internet or asking them for confidential information, then they should cut off communication with him and inform their parents.

“The identifying name of children on their social media accounts and on the internet in general, should never reveal their personal details or be of erotic content. It is also important for children to be aware of the dangers that can arise from web cameras. “

As additional measures that can be taken by parents, the Police proposes to add acceptable “sites” to the list of favorites to create a personal online environment for children.

“Check your child's internet activity using advanced internet software. “Parental control can help you filter out dangerous content, record the sites your child visits, and find out what he or she is doing there.”

Use software that blocks annoying pop-ups to protect your children and apply email filters, police urge.

Finally, it notes that the role of the Cybercrime Sub-Directorate is to prevent and combat cybercrime, as well as to inform the public about the dangers arising from the use of the internet and the protection of children in particular.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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