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Police officers with 28-month employment contracts

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The bills and regulations that provide the possibility of hiring special police officers by contract with the Police were submitted to the Parliament for voting yesterday. The aim is the immediate and timely reinforcement of the Police with personnel, for the execution of auxiliary and support tasks that relate exclusively to the confrontation of the increasing migratory flows from the occupied areas. More than 30,000 migrants from African countries to the occupied territories in the last 13 years have crossed the Green Line illegally into the Republic. A fact that clearly proves the instrumentalization of immigration by Turkey.

The proposed legal framework allows the Chief of Police, with the approval of the Minister of Justice, to contract special police officers for an initial period of 18 months, which can be renewed only once, for a period of 10 months. Their employment costs will be covered, for the most part, by European funds.

The remuneration, working hours, leave with or without pay and sick leave of the contracted special police officers, as well as any other relevant details, will be determined by the Council of Ministers and will be included in the announcement of positions, as well as in the contract. contract police officers.


Contract police officers will perform ancillary and support duties such as:

  • Patrol coverage and surveillance of possible crossing points of illegal immigrants in the Green Line ֹ.
  • Checking of illegal immigrants for the timely detection of any traffickers or terrorists ֹ.
  • li>

  • Guarding and guarding accommodation centers, reception centers and detention facilities for illegal immigrants ֹ.
  • Deportation of illegal immigrants.

Qualifications for recruitment

A person wishing to be recruited to the Police by contract of a special police officer must:

  • Be a citizen of the Republic ֹ.
  • Must have reached the age of 18 and has not reached the age of 38, on the due date of the deadline for submission of applications.
  • Be a graduate of a public six-grade high school or high school or a private high school of at least six years, registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Have a good knowledge of the Greek language. li>
  • To have completed his military service with a first or second category ability (I/1 or I/2) or to have been legally discharged for reasons unrelated to his health. A person who has performed alternative military service or alternative social service is not eligible to participate in the recruitment process. It is understood that the condition of military service will not be required for women candidates.
  • Have a white criminal record.
  • α Not be deprived of the ability to possess a weapon.
  • Not to have been convicted of a serious crime involving dishonesty or moral indecency.
  • Has not been fired or his services have not been terminated in the past by the public or the wider public sector or by the EF.

1km run

Prerequisite for recruitment is that candidates must successfully pass a sports test involving a distance of 1 km. Performance threshold set for men 5 'and 15 & # 8243; and for women 6 'and 43 & # 8243 ;. The purpose of the test is to evaluate endurance. Candidates will be entitled to only one attempt. The sports test will be conducted by a sports committee set up by the Chief of Police and will consist of two senior officers and two graduate gymnasts.

Obese people are excluded

Another condition for recruitment is that candidates have a body mass index of less than 30. The body mass index is calculated by dividing the candidate's body weight in kilograms by the square of this height in meters (BMI = weight: height²). The calculation of the body mass index will be done during the submission of the candidates to the sports test.

Certificate from doctors

Candidates will have to present medical certificate after examination by a personal physician, that they are in good health, physically fit and that they are physically and mentally fit to perform the tasks assigned to them. Among other things, it should be confirmed after a medical examination:

  • Their good eyesight with or without the use of corrective lenses and their good hearing without the use of headphones.
  • That they do not suffer from color blindness, flat feet or any physical disability or deformity of their body .
  • Their physical and mental fitness. The certification should indicate the blood type of the candidates and the GP should also give an opinion on a chest x-ray.
  • Women applicants should obtain a medical opinion from a gynecologist that they do not have any gynecological problems.

Qualifications and scoring

Applications will be submitted to the Evaluation Committee, which will be composed of three senior officers. The Commission will prepare a list of candidates who meet the required qualifications for contract employment depending on the points they will receive, based on their baccalaureate degree, academic qualifications and very good knowledge of a foreign language. Those who have served in the EF will receive an additional unit. Recruitments will be based on the ranking order in the final table and until the vacancies are filled.

Evaluation before renewal

The contract to be signed by the special police officers will be for 18 months and they will be able to renew it only once, for a period of 10 months, depending, of course, on their evaluation report. For each contracted special police officer, a personal file and personal card will be kept at the Police Headquarters.

Contract and termination

The contracted special police officer will be able to terminate the contract after 30 days written notice and subject to its acceptance by the leader. The contract will be terminated automatically when the contracted special police officer is sentenced to any prison sentence for a felony or offense of dishonor or immorality.

Penalty up to € 800

The special police officers who will be hired on a contract basis will be trained. Therefore, the state will invest money. In the event that the contracted special police officer, with the exception of health reasons, does not serve at least 10 months from the entry into force of his contract, then, according to the proposed legislation, he will be obliged to pay compensation to the state of € 100 for each incomplete month out of eight months.

Source: politis.com.cy

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