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Political analyst Christos Giagkou explains his proposal for an evolutionary solution to the Cyprus problem

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Political analyst Christos Giagkou explains his proposal for an evolutionary solution to the Cyprus problem

In the post-Annan era (and much more so in the post-Cran Montana era), the issue of approving a solution to the Cyprus problem is increasingly being discussed, when that time comes, because it is not enough to reach an agreement – the “Yes” and the whole people. On the occasion of today's return to the island of the special envoy of the secretary general of the UN Secretary General on Cyprus, Jane Hall Luth, political analyst Christos Yagou *, who also served as a diplomat at the Cypriot Foreign Ministry, explains his proposal for an evolutionary solution to the Cyprus political problem, and how E / K and T / C through a process of 2-3 years they could overcome their fears and phobias for cooperation and coexistence under a common federal state.

If today we had an agreement for the solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of the ICC with political equality, what would the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots vote in the referendum?
The possible approval of the solution by the Cypriot people (E / C and T / C) will always be dependent (a) on a commonly accepted solution content (b) on the support that the solution should have primarily from the majority of state and political leaders of both sides but also from the international community and especially Turkey and c) mainly whether the two Cypriot communities would be psychologically and socio-economically ready on the one hand to approve and on the other hand to implement such an agreement. I believe that based on current data, at least most of the above conditions are not met, if not all. Therefore, if both communities were to vote today, both would probably reject such an agreement.

Why “no” from the Greek Cypriots?
Because unfortunately the vast majority of C / Cs have not prepared and / or are afraid of an IPR solution with political equality. This is due to the following five key factors:

1st In the psychological insecurity and injustice that we, the Greek Cypriots, justifiably feel from the consequences of the invasion and occupation, as well as from the presence of the Turkish army in Cyprus.
2nd In the lack of the vast majority of E / K (and especially of the new generation) objective knowledge of the historical past and consequently of the historical truth.
3rd In the e / k political and economic elites who for various reasons oppose a solution of the ICC with political equality and today manage to win the battle of promoting their positions (through the media) against the positions of all those who support such a solution.
4th In the serious lack of federation culture in the e / k community. Unfortunately, we have not been properly and objectively informed about the pros and cons of sharing power within a ICC with political equality.
5th In the serious lack of enlightened political leaders.

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