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Political leaders: It is necessary to “open” the economy

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Political leaders: It is necessary to

The need for awareness of the socio-economic impact that the contradictory restrictive measures have brought to the citizens, was basically suggested by the political leaders in their statements, after the meeting at the Presidential with the Scientific Advisory Group, emphasizing that the government should proceed immediately further “opening” of the Economy and take into account in their decisions the socio-economic and psychological factors.

The following are the positions of the political leaders:

To avoid the measures without logic, says the Secretary General of AKEL

Measures, which were taken recently, did not make sense and were largely contradictory, and all this should be avoided in the measures that will be announced in the next phases, starting tomorrow, said the Secretary General of AKEL, Andros Kyprianou , after the meeting at the Presidential Palace, chaired by the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, with the party leaders and the members of the epidemiological advisory group.

Mr. Kyprianou thanked the President of the Republic for convening today's meeting and the Minister of Health, the epidemiologists and their collaborators for the great work that has been done so far and is still being done.

He stated that “we exchanged views at a general level and expressed our strong view that the primary issue for all is certainly the preservation of public health, but at the same time a number of other parameters that are equally important for humans should be taken into account.”

First and foremost, he noted, “mental health issues, economic activity issues – because we would not want to lead more people into impoverishment and we are already facing several financial difficulties – as well as social issues. and political activity “.

He added that “our demand is that all these issues should be taken into account when making decisions on issues related to the health aspect of the whole issue”.

He stressed that “the measures should be logical and at the same time take into account all these parameters”, noting that “we promise that all what we have said will be taken into account”.

Mr. Kyprianou noted that “we have expressed the strong view that the measures taken recently have not made sense and were largely contradictory and all these problems should be avoided in the measures that will be announced in the next phases. starting tomorrow “.

“People are tired. He needs to expect something better. I hope and wish that tomorrow's measures will send this encouraging message to the society “, noted the General Secretary of AKEL.

Government to further open the market on the basis of health protocols, EDEK supports

“On the part of EDEK, we pointed out that in the past there were measures that were careless and insufficient, as a result of which they created a climate of controversy among the citizens,” said the President of EDEK.

“We understand the difficulties in managing and dealing with the pandemic. But in addition to the medical factor, the financial dimension of the problem must be effectively addressed by carefully opening the market, such as restaurants, gyms, tutoring centers, conservatories, dance schools, galleries, etc. on the basis of strict implementation of health protocols “, he added.

Mr. Sizopoulos concluded, saying that “the opening will significantly help both in the financial support of tens of thousands of families and in dealing with the psychological effects of the pandemic that have worsened due to restrictive measures and their consequences to a significant number of our compatriots.”

Solidarity proposal, the vaccination of people in production, said E. Theocharous

The proposal, to start mass vaccination of people in production, people who need to be reactivated financially, was presented at today's meeting of political leaders under the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis with the participation of members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the President of Solidarity Eleni Theocharous.

In statements after the meeting, Ms. Theocharous stressed that the financial burden is unbearable and that mass vaccination of people who are economically reactivated should begin.

“It is not possible for this situation to continue, as most people of a certain age have already been vaccinated and in addition the vaccination of people who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus will be completed very quickly,” he said.

So at the same time, he continued, and as quantities of vaccines arrive en masse, we must begin to vaccinate both those who will put the economy back on track and those who keep order, and teachers in schools.

“I think these are two paths that can be continued in parallel. There is the example of a neighboring country, which succeeded in the best possible way. “I do not see how the economy could otherwise be strengthened and resumed in this critical phase we are going through,” he noted.

Ms. Theocharous said that at the meeting she asked for clarifications regarding the purchase and selection of vaccines, in which mechanisms the selection of each vaccine is made, the purchase of rapid tests and by which mechanisms all procedures and many other issues are followed.

The President of ELAM opened business and sports

ELAM President Christos Christou said that during the meeting held under the President of the Republic, with the leaders of the parties and the members of the epidemiological advisory group, he raised the issue of opening up businesses and sports.

In statements after the meeting at the Presidential Palace, Mr. Christou said that they were informed by the President of the Republic and the special group of scientists of the Ministry of Health about the situation regarding the epidemic.

“From the side of ELAM we have asked a series of questions which concern us and we consider that they concern the general public. Thousands of businesses are currently closed, mainly in the catering industry. Sports remain closed. “These are issues that we have raised and ask for as the Government sees them again, so that we can proceed as soon as possible to the opening of businesses and wider sports and other activities,” he said.

He also said that when asked by him regarding the mandatory vaccination of citizens, “we have been told that at the moment there are no such thoughts and this possibility is not being discussed.”

The President of the Democratic Party, Marios Karoyan, referred to the triptych of “logic, moderation and balance” between the health and financial situation, in order to convince the people, as he said, that the measures that will be announced will lead to normalcy as soon as possible. .

It is a time of reason and prudence, says Marios Karoyan

Speaking after the meeting at the Presidential Palace, Mr. Karoyan said that they were informed by the President and the epidemiological team about the health situation “and at the same time we asked questions about the course and what should be done”.

“The Democratic Party – Cooperation of Democratic Forces has a triptych in terms of tomorrow's decisions, but also the decisions of the coming weeks,” he said, adding that the economy should be opened, the vaccination program should be strengthened and “why should little by little, the citizens should feel that things, with a hope, logically start to move forward “.

“The triptych for us is the logic, the measure and the balance” of the health with the financial situation, he continued. He said that there are many problems and difficulties, while thousands of people are suffering and tortured, such as businessmen and workers, but also social groups.

It is a time of logic, prudence, moderation and balance, “so that the people are convinced that these measures are the ones that will lead to normalcy as soon as possible,” Mr. Karoyan concluded.

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