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Politico: Cyprus FA prospects limited by decades of frozen Turkey-Greece conflict

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In the perspective of the natural gas of Cyprus regarding the needs of the European Union, but also in how this perspective is limited by the fact that the Cyprus problem remains unresolved, an extensive report of the European news website Politico is mentioned.

The text focuses in particular on how tensions between Turkey and Greece prevent the exploitation of natural resources within the EU's own borders, at a time when Europe is looking for alternative energy sources for dependence on gas.

The report, signed by Politico's correspondent in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans, Nektaria Stamouli, states that Turkey seeks to have a say in the use of Cyprus' resources, ensuring that the benefits will be directed to Turkish Cypriot community.

At the same time, Turkey wants any gas in the region to pass through its territories to Europe, while Greece supports plans for the transfer of natural gas through Cyprus and Greece.

As the Reportage, involvement in the consultations between Israel, Egypt and Lebanon is another factor that brings things to a standstill.

After the initial hopes that the unity brought by the war in Ukraine would bring rapprochement between Greece and Turkey, as was evident from the Mitsotakis meeting & # 8211; Erdogan, now tensions between the two sides have returned with Erdogan severing ties and the Greek authorities putting their troops on alert, he added.

The text links the tension between Greece and Turkey with the fact that 15 years after the announcement of the first explorations and 11 years after the discovery of the first deposits, Cyprus has not progressed as no natural gas has been pumped and no decisions have been made on how to could be transported to the rest of Europe along with gas from other sources in the region. Turkey's behavior, while the director of PRIO Cyprus, Haris Tzimitras, points out that energy could be a field of cooperation in the region, but unfortunately it has become another field of conflict.

As reported, Cypriots are worried as tensions will discourage energy companies from continuing their research, at a time when the country is already affected by the loss of revenue from Russian sources.

The article also briefly mentions the tensions with Turkey over the Eastern Mediterranean and the targeted measures imposed by the EU in 2019.

Today, it is added, ExxonMobil and Qatar Energy are active in the region, while as the Minister of Energy Natasa Peleidou stated in Politico, the entry of Eni and Total in the region is expected in the coming weeks, as well as proposals for the “Aphrodite” deposit by a consortium with Chevron.

Ms. Pileidou also stated that there is a need to accelerate the development of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean and the use of natural gas as a transitional fuel in view of climate neutrality in 2050 .

The article lists the options for the transportation of natural gas depending on the deposits that will be located that will affect the viability of these options.

Specifically, the idea for interconnection of “Aphrodite” with a terminal in Egypt is recorded, the proposal submitted by a Greek company for connection to Israel with a small pipeline and export of natural gas through a liquefaction platform in Cyprus, but also the idea for gas transportation by pipeline through Turkey. This idea, according to the article, was reinforced after the recent rapprochement of Turkey & # 8211; Israel.

Turkish Ambassador to Athens Burak Ozugergin referred to the geopolitical and economic dimension of energy in the region, arguing that Turkey should be involved as it is a central hub and a major purchase.

Ms. Peleidou, on the other hand, emphasizes that the impasse affects not only Cyprus but the international community, noting that the geopolitical and technical issues raised regarding the EastMed pipeline can also be raised in relation to a pipeline from Israel to Turkey.

Finally, the article refers to the forthcoming elections in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus no later than 2023, which, as noted, raises limited expectations for de-escalation.

On the one hand, Mr. ουuκεergin suggests that the pre-election period creates conditions where Turkey can be used as a tool of disorientation, while Mr. Korniliou refers to Turkey's practice of creating accomplishments that prevent negotiations.

There is also a reference to the confidence-building measures presented by the Greek Cypriot side and the fact that they did not bring progress, with Ms. Pileidou stating that hopes that they will be seriously examined by the Turkish Cypriot side.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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