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POLL “F”: Low flights of DISY and AKEL – Climbing ELAM to third place and displacement of DIKO

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ΔΗΜΟΣΚΟΠΗΣΗ « Φ»: Χαμηλeς πτorσεις ΔΗΣΥ και ΑΚΕ&Lambda ; – Αναρρiχηση ΕΛΑΜ στην τρiτη θeσ&eta ; και εκτοπισμός ΔΗΚΟ

Three months before the 2024 European elections and one in two voters appear still undecided about what they will do on June 9. The low rally pressures the percentages of the majority of the parties, resulting in them fluctuating much below the percentages of the previous election contests.

The two major parties, Democratic Alert and AKEL, record a steep drop in percentages and move below the twenty units. All other parties register a single digit number, with ELAM marginally consolidating in third place, displacing the Democratic party in fourth place.

According toPulse Market Research conducted on behalf of “Φ” Democratic Alarm is first with 17%, AKEL is in second place with 14%, ELAM in third place with 8% and DIKO a little behind with 7%. EDEK gathers  3%, the Environmentalists are detected at 2% and the Democratic Party collects only 0.3%.

One in three voters declares that he has not yet decided what he will do on June 9, while 9% have stated that they are not going to vote, with 1.3% stating that they are choosing void-white. This means that a significant percentage of 47% say they have not yet decided or cannot answer what they will vote for.

The extremely depressing percentages of the two major parties are also largely due to the low rally they recorded three months before the polls of the European elections on June 9. Only one in two alarmists who voted in 2021 declares today that he will vote for DISY, while in AKEL the rally reaches 60%. The party of the Left is the only party whose rally exceeds 50%.

ΔΗΜΟΣΚΟΠΗΣΗ « Φ»: Χαμηλeς πτorσεις ΔΗΣΥ και ΑΚΕ&Lambda ; – Αναρρiχηση ΕΛΑΜ στην τρiτη θeσ&eta ; και εκτοπισμός ΔΗΚΟ

The Democratic Alarm in 2021 had secured 27.77%, which means that with today's data  has losses (polls)  which reach ten percentage points.  His rally is limited to 48%. DISY's problem seems to be on the right of the faction as the Pulse Market Research survey showed that one in ten alarmists (11%) declares that they intend to vote for ELAM in the next elections. The second big headache for Pindarou is those who appear still undecided, at a rate of 28%. From there on, the puzzle of leaks is towards AKEL 1%, DIKO 2%, a 3% that will vote for some other party. An additional 7% said they would not vote or did not want to answer.

The big headache for AKEL is called undecideds and that is why it appears to be moving much below the 22.34% it had gathered in the parliamentary elections of 2021. One in five AKEL voters (22%) appears undecided. From then on, the Left Party recorded small losses to almost all parties. To DISY 4%, DIKO 1%, ELAM 1%, the Environmentalists 2% and a 2% to another party. Also 8% said they would not vote or did not answer.

DIKO has a rally of 41%, with one in three voters in 2021 – when the party had gathered 11.29% – appear indecisive. In addition, DIKO appears to record losses in four directions. AKEL 5%, DISY 8%, ELAM 3% and another party 5%. A 7% of Democratic voters said they would not vote or did not answer.

As for ELAM, which in the 2021 elections had collected 6.78%.  The percentage of those who say they voted for this party in 2021,  amounts to 65%. EDEK, which had received 6.72% in the last parliamentary elections, gathers at a percentage of 49%.

The Democratic Party and the Environmentalists had gathered three years ago 6.10% and 4.41% respectively.


ΔΗΜΟΣΚΟΠΗΣΗ « Φ»: Χαμηλeς πτorσεις ΔΗΣΥ και ΑΚΕ&Lambda ; – Αναρρiχηση ΕΛΑΜ στην τρiτη θeσ&eta ; και εκτοπισμός ΔΗΚΟ


          Sample Size: 600 Successful Interviews

          Geographical Sample Coverage: All Cyprus, Urban and Rural Areas

          Sampling: Random-Stratified Multi-Stage

          Information Collection: Telephone Interviews

          Respondent: People 18 years of age and older

          Information Collection: 20/02/2024 – 26/02/2024

          Weightings: The sample was weighted (rimweighting) a posteriori with restrictions (constraints) in terms of demographic parameters and the results of the parliamentary elections of 2021

Source: www.philenews.com

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