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POLL “F”: Positive image for the First Lady

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ΔΗΜΟΣΚΟΠΗΣΗ « Φ»: Θετικor εικoνα για την Πρoτη Κυ ρiα

The First Lady Philippa Karsera-Christodoulidis maintains a positive image in Cypriot society in terms of the work she performs from her role alongside President Christodoulidis. Although the result is marginal, in relation to the particularly negative image recorded by President Christodoulidis and his Government at the given time, the result for the First Lady is considered positive.

< p>According to the results of the survey, 32% say they are satisfied with the First Lady and 30% that they are not satisfied. However, it is noteworthy that a percentage of 38%, i.e. almost 4 out of 10, stated that they do not know or did not answer the question regarding the satisfaction of the First Lady regarding the performance of her duties.

ΔΗΜΟΣΚΟΠΗΣΗ « Φ»: Θετικor εικoνα για την Πρoτη Κυ ρiα

Of particular interest in relation to the assessment of the First Lady, is the party origin of the survey participants. Specifically, 44% of those who voted for AKEL said they were not satisfied with the First Lady, while 25% said they were satisfied. Of interest are the voters of the DISY, who in the majority of them position themselves positively towards the First Lady. Specifically, 37% stated that they were satisfied while 27% were not satisfied. As far as DIKO voters are concerned, the overwhelming majority of them were positive. Specifically, 51% said they were satisfied with the First Lady, while only 8% said they were not satisfied.


  &nbsp ;             Sample Size: 600 Successful Interviews

                Geographical Sample Coverage: All Cyprus, Urban and Rural Areas

                 Sampling: Random-Stratified Multi-stage

                 Information Collection: Telephone Interviews     

Respondent: People 18 years of age and older

                 Information Collection: 20/02/2024 – 26/02/2024

                 Weightings: The sample was weighted (rimweighting) ex post with constraints (constraints) in terms of demographic parameters and the results of the parliamentary elections of 2021

Source: www.philenews.com

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