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Poll / Limassol: Diplaros is first with a difference, 5.2% of DISY goes to DIPA

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Poll / Limassol: Diplaros is first with a difference, 5.2% of DISY goes to DIPA

The second part of the first poll, which is conducted exclusively for a specific province (and not pan-Cypriot) and concerns the parliamentary elections, was presented by the Limassol newspaper. According to the correspondent of Politis 107.6 & 97.6 in Limassol, Sakis Stylianou, the 600 Limassol voters who were called to answer through a list given to them, who they will support in the upcoming parliamentary elections in May, were the first by far the current MP and vice-president. DISY, Efthymio Diplaro, with the percentage of preference towards his face that reaches 60.6% and with a lower 55.2%.

The following is the difference between 38 – 40 percentage points (and approximately all in the same percentages):

  • Andreas Michailidis
  • Nikos Sykas
  • Marina Chatzimanoli
  • Eleni Stavrou
  • Fotini Tsiridou
  • Andreas Kyprianou
  • Iraklis Agathokleous

It is noted that at noon, at http://politis.com.cy, the names and the ranking in AKEL will be posted.

The boomerang is the stamping on DIPA by DISY

The signaling of the Democratic Alarm to the Democratic Party, which aimed to reduce the percentages of the Democratic Party, seems to be evolving into a boomerang. The intention to move voters shows that 5.2% of DISY is moving to the Democratic Party, while 1.8% of DISY voters are moving based on the poll in ELAM (and 0.8% from ELAM to DISY).

Research ID

A sample of 600 interviews concerning only the Limassol constituency. The poll was conducted from 7 to 27 December 2020 by the company LIMEGROVE. The research involved men and women aged 18 and over, living in both urban and mountainous areas of Limassol province. The method of Random Multistage Stratified Stratified Sampling was used to extract the results.


Poll exclusively for Limassol: Chest with chest DISY – AKEL, DIKO is saved, DIPA records percentages (audio)

The dilemma, whether budget or not support, before party leaders

Source: politis.com.cy

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