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Porsche presents two new hybrid versions of the Panamera

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Η Porsche παρουσιζει &delta ;yο νΕες υβριδικΕς εκδοσεις της Panamera< /p> Better electric performance: More power and shorter charging time Purely electric range of up to 96 kilometers Optional Porsche Active Ride suspension < p>Porsche is expanding the Panamera model range with the 4 E-Hybrid and 4S E-Hybrid versions. The new plug-in hybrid models offer impressive acceleration and driving performance values, as well as strong electrification performance: The range now reaches 96 kilometers.

Stuttgart. Porsche further expands the range of power systems for the Panamera, the company's sports saloon. As part of the E-Performance strategy, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid and the Panamera 4S E-Hybrid have been added to the range of model versions and are immediately available. This is Porsche's answer to the particularly strong interest in efficient and dynamic hybrid engines in many markets. The Panamera will be available in a total of four performance versions of this advanced powertrain technology.

Powertrain: Optimized Hybrid Performance

< p>The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is particularly efficient and versatile. To achieve strong acceleration, Porsche combined a new hybrid system with a significantly updated 2.9-liter V6 biturbo gasoline engine (300 hp). The system output of 470 hp and maximum torque of 650 Nm allow acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, while the top speed reaches 280 km/h. The purely electric range of the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid increases to 96 kilometers in the WLTP (city EAER) cycle.

Η Porsche παρουσιζει &delta ;yο νΕες υβριδικΕς εκδοσεις της Panamera< /p>

The Panamera 4S E-Hybrid places greater emphasis on dynamic driving characteristics, as well as a stable power delivery at high engine speeds. The six-cylinder 2.9-liter biturbo engine it has produces 353 hp. The performance of the system reaches 544 hp and the maximum torque reaches 750 Nm. Thus, the Panamera 4S E-Hybrid accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, while its top speed reaches 290 km/h.

Compared to the previous generation, all Panamera E-Hybrid models offer longer electric range, faster charging times, better throttle response and better driving performance in almost all areas. With a capacity of 25.9 kWh (gross), the new high-voltage battery has around 45% more capacity than comparable models. At the same time, the new integrated 11 kW AC charger reduces the charging time to two hours and 39 minutes. With a power of 190 hp and a torque of 450 Nm, the completely new electric motor offers significantly more power than its predecessor. It also integrates into the PDK gearbox housing in an efficient way that also optimizes weight impact, while also benefiting from the gearbox's oil cooling circuit. The internal rotor design (which rotates inside the stator) reduces mass inertia by 50%, which improves throttle response. With energy recovery of up to 88 kW, the electric motor also contributes to the significantly increased electric range of the Panamera E-Hybrid models.

E-Hybrid drivers with optimized mapping

The four optimized special E-Hybrid driving programs, as well as the enhanced Sport and Sport Plus programs, further optimize the performance of the E-Hybrid models. The vehicles always start with the all-electric “E-Power” program. Once the battery state of charge is below a certain minimum value, the system automatically switches to the Hybrid Auto program, which adapts the mode mapping to the current driving conditions. In addition, with active route guidance in the Hybrid Auto program, function mapping is further optimized by knowing the route the vehicle will take. In this way, the proportion of all-electric city travel can be maximized and efficiency increased. For this purpose, the system uses both car data and data from the navigation system.

Η Porsche παρουσιζει &delta ;yο νΕες υβριδικΕς εκδοσεις της Panamera< /p>

In E-Hold mode the current state of charge of the battery is maintained. In E-Charge mode, on the other hand, the internal combustion engine charges the battery up to 80% outside the city when the vehicle is traveling at a speed of more than 55 km/h , while the Panamera takes advantage of the efficiency benefits of the hybrid drive when moving around town. In the Sport and Sport Plus programs, the target state of charge of the battery is reduced to 20% and 30% respectively (previously 30% and 80%). This increases efficiency, without sacrificing performance.

Hybrid models with innovative active suspension

Porsche equips all versions of the new Panamera with an adaptive two-chamber air suspension that includes the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system, with two-valve shock absorbers as standard. The innovative Porsche Active Ride suspension is also available for the E-Hybrid models. It combines optimized grip and cornering performance with a high degree of comfort.

Η Porsche παρουσιζει &delta ;yο νΕες υβριδικΕς εκδοσεις της Panamera< /p>

Each individual shock absorber (also with two-valve technology) has an electric hydraulic pump, which is powered by the 400 Volt system and can be used to actively concentrate forces during rebound and compression. Consequently, the suspension almost completely absorbs body movements caused by road imperfections and keeps the vehicle level at all times during dynamic driving maneuvers. The dampers operate at up to 13 Hz, meaning they can adjust their setting up to 13 times per second, resulting in lightning-fast reactions to the respective driving conditions and road surface. The technology also enables innovative features such as overcompensation for lateral and lateral movements, as well as body lift when entering and exiting the car.

Sport details and upgraded standard equipment < /strong>

All versions of the new Panamera feature a sporty and renewed design. At the front, the appearance is characterized by new LED matrix headlights (standard equipment) and an additional horizontal air intake. At the rear of the car, the continuous rear light body and the frameless rear windscreen are the elements that make the new Panamera stand out. The silver window frame enhances the car's profile.

Standard equipment on the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid includes 19-inch wheels, black brake calipers and LED matrix headlights. The innovative high-resolution HD matrix LED lighting system is available as an option. The Panamera 4S E-Hybrid is distinguished by the 20-inch Panamera AeroDesign wheels, the silver sports exhaust tips and the red brake calipers. Brake calipers are optionally available in Acid Green and black. Panamera 4S E-Hybrid brakes with ten-piston calipers on the front axle are standard equipment. Alternatively, PCCB ceramic brakes are available for this model in conjunction with 21-inch wheels. The size of the ceramic brakes is 440mm on the front axle and 410 mm on the rear axle.

Market launch

The Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid and Panamera 4S E-Hybrid are immediately available to order in the sport saloon body version. The extensive standard equipment of the Panamera includes a ParkAssist system and a cooled smartphone holder that offers wireless charging of up to 15 W. Also available as options are the passive four-wheel steering system on the rear axle, the Remote ParkAssist function, the Porsche InnoDrive system including the active lane keeping function, the passenger display and the air quality control system. The longer wheelbase Executive body style is offered depending on the country. Options such as the four-zone automatic air conditioning system or the large central console are included as standard equipment.

The company A.I. Motokinisi Ltd is the exclusive dealer of Porsche cars in Cyprus with showrooms in Nicosia and Limassol.

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