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Possible investigation against Lignadis and for child pornography – New “fire” against the interrogator by Kougia

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Possible investigation against Lignadis and for child pornography - New

Significant developments in the case of Dimitris Lignadis, who is being held in prison in Tripoli accused of the crime of serial rape, are noted according to information in the context of the pending investigations into this matter in Justice.

To date, three charges have been filed against the director, who denies the accusation leveled against him, for the crime of rape. The first two of them are in the hands of the investigator, while for the third one a preliminary investigation is being conducted with a prosecutor's order. In the context of this investigation, in fact, the person who filed the third lawsuit against the director was summoned and filed with GADA. According to information, the plaintiff stated in his testimony that the director had shown the computer material with a minor. Now, after this testimony, the prosecutor's office will judge, according to the same information, the possibility that D. Lignadis will be checked for the crime of child pornography.

At the same time, the director's lawyer, Giannis Vlachos, allegedly filed a request with the investigator to lift the secrecy of communications. The request was made in order to investigate a website on the accused director's social media for possible search traces or e-mails.

As for the other big part of the investigation, which concerns allegations of two attempted rapes against the popular comedian, this investigation, according to the information, is estimated to be completed by the end of the month. Until then, there will be a cycle of examination of witnesses and it is estimated that the accused actor will have been called to testify to give his own explanations.

Kougias: I submit a disciplinary report

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the imprisoned director Alexis Kougias fires again at the investigator who is handling the case file of the client of D. Lignadis. The lawyer accuses the investigator of “collaborating with false witnesses” and states that he intends to file a disciplinary report against her tomorrow.

“According to indisputable evidence that we will bring to the attention of the Honorable Inspector, it is proved without any hesitation the illegal cooperation of the above Investigator with the false witnesses but also the unreliable and immoral witnesses of the accusation, one of whom has temporarily changed four “ his lawyer D. Lignadis states in his announcement and continues: ” It should be noted that with his new testimony one of the two alleged victims, changing the date of his alleged rape from 08.08.2015 to 25.7.2015, humiliated the reasoning and the operative part of the issued council of the Athens Council of Criminal Procedure that did not accept the objection of invalidity of both the criminal prosecution and the arrest warrant, stating in its reasoning that the complainant is telling the truth that he was allegedly raped5 on 08.08.201 Mr. Lignadis lies that he was in Ithaca that day, since now he himself allegedly raped together with the Investigator, finding that Mr. Lignadis' evidence is unshakable and that he was indeed in Ithaca throughout August, changed the date and placed it in July, but a construction that will again collapse from unshakable evidence, making Mrs. Investigator exposed and confronted with the disciplinary bodies of Justice “.

Furthermore, Mr. Kougias claims that the investigator: “In violation of her duty, instead of investigating the defense allegations of my client Mr. Lignadis as he has an obligation based on the principles of fair trial, which are determined by Article 6 of the ECHR, abusing the in its power, tries in every way in cooperation with the pseudo-prosecutors and their lawyers to cover the series of lies that have emerged from the irrefutable evidence submitted so far, which was presented by Mr. Lignadis “.

Also, according to the director's lawyer, the investigator: “He conducts investigations without the presence of a Prosecutor and without having called the accused or his attorney, as he did yesterday, only in the presence of police officers, who carried cardboard boxes, without any control from the warehouse of Mr. Lignadis's apartment on the roof, a fact which was conveyed to us by Mr. Lignadis's brother, who was at the time of our client's house, publishes files selectively from the file through a journalist and specific scandalous newspapers, ignores and does not investigate our defense allegations and, most importantly, completely ignores Mr. Lignadis' requests for conducting self-evident investigative actions, which should have already been carried out during the preliminary investigation, as required by the Code of Criminal Procedure, and in particular the on-site autopsy who allegedly raped the only witness in the case file – allegedly rapist, whose date of rape, in collaboration with the Investigator has changed four times to date, and the cross-examination with him “.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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