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Possible lockdown in the occupied territories – Six more Turkish Covid-19 victims in London

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Possible lockdown in the occupied territories - Six more Turkish Covid-19 victims in London

He left open the possibility of a lockdown between 2 and 3 weeks “if necessary”, the “Minister of Health”, Ali Pilli, saying that the vaccination in the occupied areas will start no later than January 15 and the goal is to have 60% vaccinated by March. population.

According to T / C websites, in his statements to the correspondent of the Turkish news agency Anatoli in the occupied territories, Mr. Pilli said that the number of cases is under control and the number of patients is being able to withstand the health system. They will continue, he added, to take measures. “At the moment we do not see the need for a complete lockdown. If we look internationally, there are countries that did it. If necessary, we can close for 15-20 days to end the pandemic in a shorter period of time and for the benefit of public health.

He reminded that the arrivals in the pseudo-state are made under the condition of quarantine and in the arrivals by sea and air there were no particular problems. “The cases that came from the e / k side caused more difficulties and for this reason we took strict measures. “We will increase them if necessary,” he said.

Mr Pilli reiterated that the first to be vaccinated would be hospital staff and the elderly in nursing homes. In a short time, he said, the vaccine will come from the EU.

He said laboratory tests were continuing to determine if the mutated virus was present in the occupied territories. Yesterday, he noted, the samples were sent to Turkey.

Six more T / Cs dead in London

Six more T / Cs lost their lives in London in just 24 hours, according to the president of the “Islamic community of Cyprus”, Hashim El Bakai. Humber Cyprus writes that the situation today in the British C / C expat community is much worse than last April. The Turkish Cypriot community had lost about 100 members at the time.

Source: politis.com.cy

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