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Post placement of Evros Loizidis

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<p><strong>The lie has short legs Mr. Phaedon!</strong></p>
<p>The need for transparency and accountability in Paphos is one of the reasons I submitted my candidacy. Unfortunately in your post, it appears that your main concern is to justify your decisions which do not serve the interest of Pafos and the citizens. I aspire to become a career politician!</p>
<p>I submitted my candidacy as a simple servant of the public interest and I claim to ensure the respect, pride and dignity of every fellow citizen.</p>
<p>In this context and in order to restore the truth, I have to respond with data and evidence to the desperate attempt to disorientate that you tried in vain to do with your post, the day after the debate between us on RIK1.</p>
<p>Mr. Phaedona, in your attempt to differentiate the key points, which were raised in our discussion, you reached the point of calling me a liar, distorting the essence of what was said. I therefore have the obligation to respond to your insulting post, recalling exactly what was said and quoting the evidence and sources that confirm the truth of what I mentioned. This will allow the citizens of Paphos to draw their own conclusions!</p>
<p><strong>TRUTH 1</strong></p>
<p><strong>Paphos Municipality loan:</strong>< /p> </p>
<p>With heaps of numbers and similar explanations, you called me a liar when I mentioned that the Municipality of Paphos is over-borrowed, without the possibility of further borrowing, under the current economic conditions. This is dangerous for the Municipality of Paphos and by extension the citizens of Paphos. I am quoting the letter from the Ministry of the Interior, where paragraph 17, which I read live on the RIK show, clearly shows my concern.</p>
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I am particularly concerned about the attempt to disorientate and hide the real problem that you have led the Municipality of Paphos to.

I leave the conclusions to the judgment of the public.


Resistance Bus:  

The misinformation continues. As I explained to you live on the RIK show, the creation of a monument for the Resistance Bus is of course required. It is also known that my own father along with many others resisted the coup. The issue raised is  other:

The shelter/structure which is already almost completed and is going to be inaugurated as part of your campaign events does not hold any legal permission. The urban planning permit to which your announcement artfully refers and which was issued on 22.5.2024 (after the building was already almost complete), concerns remodeling/landscaping of public green space. This does not correspond to the development/construction that is erected on site and concerns a metal construction of 157 sq.m. This kind of construction could only be licensed with the approval of the Ministerial which you do not possess. Furthermore, the building being constructed could not fit in the lot that you decided to build, resulting in a violation of the required distance (3m.) from the road border. In addition, part of the building is located within the registered public road. See topographic.

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<p>Unfortunately, due to your arbitrary decisions, once again irregular and illegal projects are being carried out, the ultimate goal of which is only your personal promotion. Any construction to be legal also requires a building permit before starting work as you well know.</p>
<p>I understand your effort, the day after the show, in the morning to try to complete the file and you put intense pressure on the members <strong>of the Executive Committee of the Municipality</strong> to issue the Building Permit without success.</p>
<p>It is clear that when your pre-election needs dictate it, every law and every legal process ceases to concern you.</p>
<p>A relevant letter with the complaints will be sent to the Minister of the Interior, ETEK and the Auditor General.</p>
<p ><strong>TRUTH 3</strong></p>
<p><strong>Relationships with construction companies:</strong></p>
<p>Unfortunately for you things are even more serious based on the information that comes to me and is being investigated. To follow the correct procedures  I will make a formal complaint to the relevant authorities. I cannot mention any information I have as it will be presumptive in the examination of the complaint.</p>
<p><strong>TRUTH 4</strong></p>
<p><strong>Thanks for the time of approval of planning permits:< /strong></p>
<p>You call me a liar because I mentioned that favors and personal services are done by creating customer relationships with the indemnified. I have repeatedly challenged you, and you had publicly committed, to make public the list regarding the time of issuing urban planning applications, “that is, for some we issue the permits quickly, while for others there is a bottleneck”.</p>
<p>The list was requested to include the dates of when each planning application was submitted, when it was studied by officials, when it was presented to the Planning Commission, when it was approved by the Municipal Council,  when you signed it and when it was finally given to the beneficiary. Also mention  for how many urban planning permits have you bypassed the procedures in the last time and with a note they were taken to the plenary session of the Municipal Council for approval.</p>
<p>The fact that you did not make the list in question public leaves you exposed to your public commitments, the transparency and citizens.</p>
<p><strong>TRUTH 5</strong></p>
<p><strong>Use of numbers, as they see fit:</strong></p>
<p>In in your propaganda post you attempt, through an arbitrary and selective isolation of numbers, to paraphrase the essence of what I mentioned, during our last televised confrontation.</p>
<p>The essence of the matter concerns the fact that while 2023 the expenditure on inaugurations and events of of the Municipality of Paphos was in the order of 77,000 euros, while in the corresponding period in 2024 these expenses shot up to 224,000 euros.</p>
<p>Personally, I do not hide behind my electoral staff but I personally sign my response announcement.</p >
<p>Let the citizen of Paphos and society judge.</p>
<p><strong>Evros Loizidis</strong></p>
<p><strong>Candidate Mayor of Paphos</strong></p >
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