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Poulaidis for the 110 years: “We encountered obstacles, we made mistakes, but love is inexhaustible”

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Poulaidis for the 110 years:

A written statement of the major shareholder of Anorthosis is hosted on the official page of “Kyria” on the occasion of the 110 years that “Kyria” closes today (30/1). Christos Poullaidis refers to the course of the blue and whites, today, while he calls on the people of the team to stay by its side in order to achieve its goals.


Friends of Anorthosis and Anorthosis,

Brilliant day for sports, Famagusta and our place as today marks one hundred and ten years since the founding of our historic association, ANORTHOSSI FAMAGUSTA.

One hundred and ten years of creative presence, during which Anorthosis, through the timeless contribution of its members, as well as the competitiveness and distinctions of athletes and coaches who brightened its course, managed to leave an indelible mark on sports , and not only, history of Famagusta and our homeland in general.

Our Lady, was founded on January 30, 1911 to become a protagonist in the sports, cultural and social life of the place. I was present in all the national calls of Hellenism, with heroes and sacrifices that went as far as the explosion of its house, in 1958. A pioneer in all the events of public life, it developed a variety of actions that continue to this day. Claimant of the top in every sport she participates in, she achieved successes that made her famous beyond the narrow geographical borders of our Cyprus.

Especially, after the refugee of the association as a result of the barbaric Turkish invasion of 1974, our union succeeded in its reactivation, taking on the sacred role of keeping the flame of return to our occupied city unquenchable.

Anorthosis represents for all of us the reminders of the sea lover, our beloved Famagusta, its golden beaches, the sweet orange scent of its creation, the spirit and the pride of every Famagusta resident for what our beloved city stands for. Above all, however, it represents the unconditional love for our city and strengthens our will for a final return to a free homeland. A free homeland, in which Anorthosis will be able to continue its full course of struggles, sacrifices and conquests for 110 years, in our physical headquarters, the GSE, in the city of all of us, Famagusta.

Coming to today, the football team continues to be among its goals, despite the very difficult conditions we are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Obstacles of all kinds, we have encountered many and we are sure that we will encounter more on our way. We also made mistakes and possible omissions. The love and faith for this club is endless and I am sure that the time to celebrate new successes is approaching.

Proud Anorthosisians,

In the efforts to achieve this goal, no one is left out. Our club grew when we all together, fought together for the same goals, the same ideals, the same struggles. I call on you to walk together again to rank our Great Lady again at the top.

With first and foremost wish, our return to Famagusta, our beloved Anorthosis, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to all and sundry!

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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