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Precision wave on a crazy course with broken brakes

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The increases in the prices of raw materials do not stop, as a result of which energy becomes more expensive, while the prices of consumer goods, essential and not, become unprofitable. The problem becomes more acute for households who see their family budgets rising dangerously, while wages remain stagnant. The surge in prices is mainly due to the international rally in prices of fuel, energy and raw materials, but also to the fact that the market was caught unprepared after the lifting of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, any support measures announced by the government targeting mainly vulnerable groups do not have the desired effect. & Nbsp;

The wave of accuracy is worsening the already bad financial situation of households that find it difficult to meet their basic needs. & Nbsp;

In fact, the number of households that turn their attention to offers and promotions that offered by businesses, however care must be taken with perishable foods and the expiration date of the products. & nbsp;

After all, the daily shopping for food items has burdened the housewife's basket. Importers, as well as companies operating on the island, have been switching prices of products and services in recent months, citing increased operating costs. & Nbsp;

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Price rally is also observed in industrial metals, which burden a range of packaged foods on the market, increases that consumers end up paying for. & nbsp;

At the same time, the acquisition of a private home seems to be an illusory dream for many households since the construction costs are unprofitable with their prices having skyrocketed to such levels that now the purchase of a ready-made house from € 1,700 per sq.m. a few years ago it reached € 2,650 per sq.m.

Households that have not installed photovoltaics in their homes, in recent months do not dare to open the accounts of the EAC, which are much increased. Within a year the price of electricity increased by 26.3%. Fuel prices are also showing a huge increase, recording price increases of 25.3%. The category of housing, water, electricity and LPG increased by 15.8% and in turn contributed to inflation in January 2020 by 5.4%. In the market, the gas cylinder is available increased by 21.1% in recent months and in turn contributes to the increased costs of the household whose heating depends on gas. & nbsp;

In the main food items there is an increase in the price of milk by 3%, of Cypriot coffee 21.6%, of flour 8.7%, of sugar 15.1%, of eggs 3.2%, of cereals 4.6% , in pasta 10.6%, in bread 10.4%, while the price of potato shows a significant increase by 78%. There are suppliers who are preparing for a series of new increases in various foods, seeing that the picture with the increased operating costs does not change. The price of lubricants increased by 6.8%, frozen seafood by 5.8%, vegetables by 12.2% and beer by 6.2%. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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Price increases over 20% on building materials

The dance of price increases has been dragging on lately and the prices of construction materials are now making the cost of building new homes unprofitable. Metallic materials are presented increased by more than 30%, while the price of iron and steel increased by 40%. Aluminum is increased by 16% and wood by 22%. Plastics show an increase of 20%, chemicals 10.7% and insulating materials 8.7%. Ceramics also increased by 8%, while the price of electromechanical material increased by 23%. It is noted that based on the price index of construction materials, the annual increase in prices of building materials reached 20%. & Nbsp;

Fuel prices caught fire

The increase in the price of fuel, due to the increase in the price of fuel in the international market, continues from week to week without any signs even to maintain at least the current levels. From June 2020, when we had the lowest prices due to restrictive measures due to the pandemic, until yesterday, the domestic fuel market, which is completely covered by the import of refined products such as gasoline, diesel and heating oil, shows significant fluctuations in prices. Specifically, the price of 95-octane gasoline increased by 46.9%, the price of diesel increased by 51.8%, while the price of heating oil also increased by 61.7%. & Nbsp;

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