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Presentation of young employees

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Presentation of young employees

I have dealt with the issue of presentation many times in the past. Initially with a relevant article in my book (exhausted) Balanced Address (published by the Cyprus Institute of Financial Services, 2010), and, later, with various articles by me in Politis.

In my article today I will deal with the promotion of young employees.


Instead of an introduction, I copy the first paragraph of the relevant article from my book above:

“For many years experts have used the word {PROTH LEXH} Motivation {PROTH LEXH} to translate the English word {PROTH LEXH} motivation {PROTH LEXH}. However, Babiniotis came in 1998 with his large dictionary to show us that the word incitement contains negative elements (eg I incite a crime). Later, the word {PROTH LEXH ηση motivation χρησιμοποιή PROTH LEXH χρησιμοποιή was used, which has about the same meaning, but with fewer negatives. Eventually the word “TH PROTH LEXH} propulsion {PROTH LEXH.” Prevailed.

From time to time there have been various definitions of promotion. I choose the simplest:

“Provocation is the provision of such incentives to our subordinates so that they perform more productively.”

From home to work

Principals who have raised their own children say it is easier to educate them than to train and promote young employees.

Today's young people, with the liberalism that prevails in families, find it difficult to adapt to a structured work environment, with a specific schedule, specific hours of breaks (if any), specific tasks, etc.

How young people are provoked

The difficult, but also very interesting task, of promoting young employees, is always undertaken by their first boss, who is usually of a certain age.

There are many ways to promote a young person when he or she starts working. Are some of them the following?

Work should fascinate them

Young people are thirsty for learning. Not learning about textbooks, but generally about new things. Their boss can pique their interest:

-seeking their opinion on work issues

utilizing their knowledge of technology, and

encouraging them to participate in working groups.


Older people should treat young people with understanding, but as equals. Although young people have some knowledge about the hierarchy (family, school, army), it is not easy for them to get into the molds of the hierarchy that applies to all organizations. This is where a good boss turns into a good mentor. If he does not have the required time, he can assign this role to an assistant.

Supervisors must also:

– to implement innovative ideas of young people, and

-to inform them about their development opportunities.

Recognition and praise

Supervisors must:

-congratulate new employees for their success, both personally and promptly, and publicly
reward these successes (not necessarily with money).


The working environment must be comfortable, pleasant and in a liberal spirit. Human mistakes must be forgiven, and used as a lesson to be avoided.

Their mentality

They have a tendency for independence and want to know what lies behind each task assigned to them. Freedom of movement and the provision of incentives, contribute to their promotion. The identification of the best young people and the assignment of increased responsibilities to them, create a noble rivalry between the young people. The same goes for targeting. Setting achievable goals and helping supervisors achieve them is a strong motivational motivator.

New technology

As already mentioned, supervisors need to leverage the knowledge of young employees regarding technology. If the organization organizes introductory programs for new employees, presenters should not use boards, blackboards, slides, etc. Everything must be done with electronic programs (eg Power Points). If notes are to be given, they must also be in electronic form. The new generation hates paper war. As for the correspondence, it must always be done electronically.


Before new staff can be assigned tasks, they must first be adequately trained. Although at a later stage they prefer to apply innovative methods in their work, in the initial stages they do not like the “swim or drown” method.

Corporate culture

Without compromising on the principles and values of the organization and without allowing deviations from the corporate culture, these should be adjusted in the case of young people. If the organization uses a uniform, it must be modern and in line with the spirit of the time.


The best way for a boss to fire a new employee is to remember what he fired himself when he first worked. It is natural for young people to feel some anxiety because they will face something new. If they are high school graduates, it may be the first time they will be away from their family and school environment. In the case of the boys, their concern may not be so great, since the army is a big school. In the case of girls the concern will be greater. Even students – even if they have studied abroad – are worried about the unknown. It is the primary duty of every supervisor to address these concerns of new employees. The rest follows.

* Dimitris Ergatoudis is retired (2006) Senior Manager of Laiki Bank and a fellow of the Bankers Institute of London.

Source: politis.com.cy

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