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President Anastasiadis: Instructions for a thorough investigation of allegations of sexual harassment or abuse

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President Anastasiadis: Instructions for a thorough investigation of allegations of sexual harassment or abuse

President Anastasiadis stated that he had given explicit instructions, such as all cases that have come to light and concern allegations of sexual harassment or abuse, should be thoroughly investigated under existing law and those responsible should be brought to justice.

Welcoming the afternoon event of the Commissioner for Gender Equality for the Women's Day, the President stressed that the world days are an opportunity for accountability, taking responsibility and further actions, and acknowledged that Cyprus has even more to do. many.

In his greeting, PtD said that we have achieved recorded results, in terms of consolidating rights, improving and strengthening the position of women and alleviating the problems she faces.

He referred to the strengthening of the protection of labor rights and the conditions of retirement of women as well as the education, training and subsidization of youth and women's entrepreneurship.

“I note that in the framework of the Programming period 2014-2020, approvals totaling € 11 million were given to 320 women based on the Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Plans,” she said.

The President also referred to the support of the family institution and the coherent family policy, the restoration of the maternity allowance, the extension of the maternity leave, the change of the criteria on the basis of which the child allowance is provided and the revision of the Family Law laws. He also referred to the adoption of the National Action Plan for Equality between Men and Women 2019-2023 and to the first National Action Plan for the full implementation of UN Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

In his greeting he also referred to the Guide for the integration of the gender dimension in public policies as well as the Guide for the elimination of Linguistic Sexism in the documents of the Public Service, in the creation of the “House for Women”, which will function as an interdisciplinary co-ordinating all relevant services, with the aim of providing holistic and comprehensive support services to victims of gender-based violence and the ratification of the Council of Europe Convention, also known as the Istanbul Convention, while drafting important anti-harassment legislation; harassment and violence against women and girls.

The President assured that the state will continue to fight even more vigorously for the fulfillment of the debt to women for equality, justice, their rights and to the new generations to come.

He also expressed his respect and appreciation to all women of all ages, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, wives, workers, the heroines of the struggles of our country and life who manage to respond successfully to all these multiple and often conflicting roles they take on daily.

The President stressed that all the achievements and conquests of women, their rich and important work, as well as their timeless contribution to every aspect of private and public life, are for everyone a source of inspiration and lessons.

Source: politis.com.cy

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