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President Christodoulidis: Building confidence in the Cyprus problem is necessary

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Πρoεδ&rho ;ος ΧριστοδουλΙδης: ΑναγκαΙα η ο ικοδoμηση εμπιστοσyνης στο Κυ&pi ριακo

Satisfied with the announcement of the special envoy of the UN Secretary-General and with her finding of a lack of trust between the parties, Nikos Christodoulidis stated yesterday, adding that efforts to restart the talks on the Cyprus issue are continuing.

In his statements to journalists, in Dali, the President of the Republic said that “it is necessary to build trust between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey. I welcome the fact that he issued this announcement to everyone. I am in constant contact with Ms. Holgin, she may not be in Cyprus, but we are in constant contact, she will come to Cyprus to continue her efforts”, he said.

Nikos Christodoulidis also mentioned that it is also important to announce that all this effort stems from the terms of the mandate of the General Secretary, the specific solution framework, which is none other than the bizonal bicommunal federation. “And this effort continues”, he noted, adding that “despite the difficulties, despite the challenges, there is no other choice than to do everything possible, so that the talks can be restarted, to make use of what has been achieved so far and to achieve the goal which is none other than the resolution of the Cyprus issue”.

Asked if there is something on the other side with which it seems that a window can be opened for the resumption of dialogue, President Christodoulidis said that “many contacts are made, many meetings are held, not everything is made public. At the end of the day everyone and everything will be judged by the final result.

So let's not get ahead of ourselves. We continue the effort and we really hope, because there is no other option, to achieve our goal”.

Earlier, during his memorial speech for the hero Dimitris Hamatsos, President Christodoulidis stated that the current state of affairs in Cyprus cannot be the future of our country, noting at the same time that “with many and tireless efforts, mobilizations, contacts and pressures we managed to reopen the perspective for the resumption of talks”.

“The special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations is a sign of optimism, without ignoring the problems, difficulties and challenges,” he said. The President of the Republic stated that “we owe, we have an obligation to show strength and perseverance to end the current unacceptable state of affairs, to resolve the Cyprus issue and reunify our homeland, on the basis of the resolutions of the United Nations and the European acquis”.

“We must stand with dignity towards the sacrifice of our heroes and fighters and try with all our strength for a free, united and reunited Cyprus, a member state of the European Union”, he underlined.

< p>Referring to the hero Dimitris Hamatsos, President Christodoulidis said that “the example of the heroic sacrifice of Dimitris Hamatsos has a lot to say to us in Cyprus today”, adding that “60 years after his sacrifice and the sad events of '64 and 50 years after the barbaric Turkish invasion of 1974, we are at a critical turning point in the history of our country”. Panagia for the joyful message of the liberation and reunification of our homeland”, he concluded.

Source: www.philenews.com

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