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President Christodoulidis: I am in contact with Thanasis' mother, we will see why he did not have…

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I spoke with the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General after the decision, said the Attorney General

The assurance that the executive power will do everything possible, within the framework of its powers, to see why all these years the case of Thanasis Nikolaos, had not progressed, was given on Sunday by the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, noting that he has already spoken with the General and the Assistant Prosecutor of the Republic, who will study the result, in order to establish whether as many years were spent as they should have been.

In his statements, on the sidelines of the DIKO event “48 years of struggle – 20 years since joining the European Union”, President Christodoulidis said that he does not want to publicly mention his contact and meetings with his mother Thanasis from the first day of assuming his duties, saying that “it is not an issue that should touch the public debate”.

“The essence is different. The bottom line is that we have a decision and from the executive side I want to assure you that we will do everything possible, within the framework of our own powers, to see why all these years, this matter has not been progressed,” he said the President of the Republic.

He mentioned that he personally is in contact with his mother Thanasis, to note that the result is very important and they will do everything possible to see why everything these years did not happen what should have happened.

When asked if he has spoken with the Attorney General about the decision, President Christoulidis said that he has spoken with the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General after the decision, expressing the belief that they will study the outcome.

However, he said that in addition to the existing result, it must be established “if things were not done that should have been done”. for the appointment of an independent criminal investigator, President Christodoulidis said he would not rule out anything.

To a journalist's remark that there are legal positions that want the Council of Ministers to intervene in the decision, the President of the Republic replied that the Council of Ministers and he personally, after assuming his duties, had a meeting with his mother away from the public eye Thanasis.

“It is a tragic aspect,” he continued, “and it does not lend itself to communicative presence or exploitation by anyone. I had contact with the mother, I met her. Lots of phone calls. And taking into account the decision, I do not exclude anything in relation to the next moves of the executive power, within the framework of our powers”.

In relation to the case with the factions in Nicosia, President Christodoulidis said that from the first moment he is in contact with the Minister of Justice about yesterday's incident, noting that “people should not only feel, but live it every day that they are safe”.

He ended by saying that “they should there is zero tolerance for this kind of phenomena”, adding that “it is not even a matter for discussion”.

Source: politis.com.cy

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