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President Christodoulidis – OELMEK agreed on most of the issues raised by the Organization,…

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At the meeting, various issues were raised to inform the President of the Republic, while the issues raised by OELMEK had a pedagogical and trade union connotation

There is an agreement between the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, and OELMEK on most of the issues raised by the Teachers' Organization , said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN), Athina Michailidou, after the meeting she had at the Presidential Palace at noon on Monday with the President of the Republic and the leadership of OELMEK.

Specifically, Mrs. Michailidou said that at the meeting various issues were raised to inform the President of the Republic, noting that the issues raised by OELMEK had a pedagogical and trade union connotation. “We consider educational organizations as our main partners. Everything we have achieved this year has also been done with the support of OELMEK”, said Mrs. Michailidou, thanking her for the implementation of all the actions and for the completion of the school year.

Afterwards, the Minister said that several of the requests were thoroughly discussed. We implement a specific program with a specific schedule. In a few days, the announcement of serious changes, such as that of the detailed programs, is imminent. OELMEK raised a number of issues with the President of the Republic, on which he has opinions and suggestions, he noted, adding that “on most issues there is an agreement”.

“Regarding the issues in which there is a different approach, we will be in communication with OELMEK, so that we have specific scenarios, which as the Government we will weigh before implementing specific actions”, stressed Mrs. Michailidou. It is important, as he said, “that any decision be made on the basis of pedagogical criteria, specific scenarios and that all procedures are followed, so that we can realize our vision, which is the improvement and upgrading of the public school and above all the transition to a inclusive and modern school and the improvement of learning results”.

For his part, the President of OELMEK, Dimitris Taliadoros, expressed particular satisfaction from the meeting with President Christodoulidis, who told OELMEK that the issues of education and health are a priority for his Government.

Mr. Taliadoros noted that OELMEK raised seven issues with the President of the Republic, speaking of a “constructive, fruitful and meaningful dialogue”.

Regarding the issue of delinquency and children with psychological and psychiatric problems, Mr. Taliadoros said that OELMEK supported the decision of the Council of Ministers to create alternative programs outside of school units, at the same time expressing OELMEK's concern about the legislative vesting of these programs. “While scientists and educators identify a problem, parents may say their child is fine and there is no problem. If they (S.S. the alternative programs) operate in this way, many problems will be caused that will lead to ineffective implementation of these alternative programs,” he indicated.

Also, the President of OELMEK noted with satisfaction that the President of the Republic agreed with the organization's recommendation to remove mobile phones from all levels of education, speaking of many problems that are caused especially in High Schools and Gymnasiums. As he said, OELMEK emphasized that a legislative regulation is needed, expressing the hope that the Ministry of Education will move quickly so that this regulation is included in the school regulations in the next school year.

With reference to the supporting programs of KIE and DRASE, Dimitris Taliadoros submitted the proposal of OELMEK for a more pedagogical function of these programs as well as for catalogs approved by the EIF, expressing the hope that President Christodoulidis “will find the Solomonic solution that must ».

Regarding the cuts that were made in the economic crisis of 2013 and the educational crisis of 2018, the President of OELMEK asked for the reinstatement of those that had been cut, “in order to ensure a fair treatment of all levels of education, but also to restore injustices of the past”.

Regarding the teacher appointment system, in view of the abolition of the list of appointees in 2027, Mr. Taliadoros mentioned that OELMEK told the President of the Republic that indefinite-term teachers, contract holders and substitutes should join the system. “The President agreed and recognizes the positives of the new system,” he added.

Referring to the issue of private schools, the President of OELMEK noted that “in the Republic of Cyprus they are treated with preferential treatment”. Speaking about a law passed by almost all parliamentary parties except AKEL, which repealed a 2019 law, Mr. Taliadoros said that the MPs had lowered the bar. As he said, “the President of the Republic should reject this law, which is defiantly favorable to private schools.” In the private sector, he added, there should be schools of the same type as the public sector and schools of different types. Schools of a similar type that may not follow public schools completely but are recognized as corresponding and equal to public schools are something hermaphrodite and completely illegal, he stressed.

Furthermore, Mr. Taliadoros said that OELMEK emphasized to the President of the Republic in front of the Minister of Education that the secondments of administrative officials must be drastically limited. “It is not possible to operate schools understaffed in the administrative sector,” he indicated.

Regarding the issue of installing air conditioners in schools, the President of OELMEK said that he was pleased to hear the President of the Republic pave the way for securing private funds from contributions and private businesses. “We do not say no, as long as it is for the good of education and that schools are not turned into an advertising space”, he clarified. He also mentioned that President Christodoulidis will discuss the specific matter with the Minister of Finance, Makis Keravnos.

Afterwards, Dimitris Taliadoros said that OELMEK reported to the President of the Republic that he must meet with all the trade unions of the public sector regarding their financial demands. Regarding the 12% penalty for leaving service at 63, he asked the State to reconsider the matter, pointing out that “we should not keep teachers punitively and deprive younger teachers (ss: the possibility of teaching jobs in schools) ».

Furthermore, Mr. Taliadoros said that he reported to President Christodoulidis that it was wrong for the newly appointed teachers to start with the A8 -2 scale, with the deprivation of two increments. “The President showed understanding,” he added.

Finally, Dimitris Taliadoros expressed satisfaction that the President of the Republic was willing to listen. “We didn't agree on everything, the President didn't reject everything, but he didn't accept everything either, which is understandable and to some extent expected,” he said characteristically. “We hope that our most important requests will be met, especially those of a pedagogical nature, for the benefit of education”, he underlined.

Source: politis.com.cy

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