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President Christodoulidis: “On Sunday, a new era dawns” – He calls the citizens to a mass…

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 Πρoεδροσ Χρι&sigma ;τοδουλΙδης: «Την Κυριακor ξημε&rho νεεο» - κεσποες ; σε μαζικ

Mass participation is also important for the occupied municipalities, he said, because “a message will be sent for a solution of the Cypriot”

On Sunday, a new era dawns for the Local Self-Government of Cyprus and a new era for the country, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, said in a message on Wednesday, calling on the citizens to make use of their vote.

< p>In his post and in a video message on the account of the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus on the online platform “X”, President Christodoulidis points out that “June 9 is a milestone for the Local Government and for our country” adding that “it is the first elections that will be held within the framework of the Reform, for which we worked hard from the first day for its successful implementation and which aims to upgrade the Local Self-Government, to modernize the services provided and of course to improve the everyday life of the citizens”.

“We support this great change with as much participation as possible,” says the President of the Republic, calling on citizens to use their vote and shape the future that concerns them.

At the same time, the President continues Christodoulidis, the mass participation in the elections for the occupied municipalities and communities is of particular importance.

“It sends a resounding message about our real and sincere interest in the solution of the Cyprus problem and the reunification of our homeland”, he notes. .

“On Sunday, a new era dawns for the Local Government of Cyprus, a new era for our country”, concludes President Christodoulidis.

Source: politis.com.cy

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