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President Christodoulidis: We do not compromise with the occupation

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Πρoεδροσ Χρι&sigma ;τοδουλiδης: Δεν συμβιβαζoμαστ ε με την κατοχor

We do not compromise with the occupation, said the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis , who delivered a speech at the memorial service of Michalis Olympios, EOKA fighter, who died in 1969. The memorial service was held on Sunday, at the church of Agios Epiphanios, in Lymbia.

"In these difficult times, and having to face multiple challenges, what is required, what the Cypriot people expect from all of us, is prudence, unity and determination," said the President, according to a statement from the Presidency. Only in this way, he continued, "can we manage to respond to the multifaceted challenges of the times and fight, doing everything possible from our side to achieve the liberation of our homeland, its liberation from the Turkish occupation and reunification of our country».

"Undoubtedly, in this difficult match we need to have more than’ all unity and like-mindedness”, he pointed out. "In order to achieve the end of the occupation and the reunification of our homeland without occupying troops and dividing lines, to shape conditions of peace and create the conditions for a prosperous future, it is imperative, perhaps today more than ever before, to be united», indicated the President of the Republic. "We must, with absolute respect for any different opinions and different approaches, keep the level of dialogue high, without characterizations and without aphorisms", he added.

"Always doing what our duty dictates, and despite the difficulties and challenges we do not withdraw from the effort to achieve a solution that will create substantial prospects in our country and ensure that each and every citizen lives in safe conditions, prosperity but also peaceful coexistence and mutual respect”, he emphasized. lessons learned, we emphatically state that we do not compromise with the occupation”, underlined President Christodoulidis, adding that "our concern and concern are transformed into a driving force that leads us to the clear will to continue the effort to reunify our homeland".

In addition, the President noted that "the current unacceptable state of affairs does not allow any citizen of this place to enjoy the rights, freedoms and level of well-being that all other citizens of Europe take for granted and acquired". On the contrary, he said, "the unacceptable status quo is, among other things, a permanent source of disturbance and insecurity and should in no way reassure us".

Afterwards, the President of the Republic noted that "this twisted situation we are experiencing should finally end". For us, he continued, "there is no other choice, for us there is no other path, than to end the occupation, to reunite our homeland and finally bring peace to our land". Our goal and expectation, as he said, "is through a meaningful dialogue, which we wish to restart, to hand over to future generations a homeland without occupation troops, without foreign guarantees, reunited, modern and European".

"It is precisely within this framework that we consider the leading and active involvement of the EU, both in breaking the current impasse and during the negotiations to be imperative, and it is in this direction that we have been working since day one of taking over our government', he emphasized.

«We continue the effort to end the current unacceptable state of affairs and for the reunification of our country, with the same stubbornness, learning first and above all from our History . Always, however, within the framework of realism and determination”, said the President of the Republic. "This will be the best memorial offer we can make to all those who participated in the struggles of Cypriot Hellenism", he concluded.

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