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“President, let's stop stealing” – The Archbishop is out of his teeth in the investigation

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In a hearing that had it all, Archbishop Chrysostom today answered questions from the Inquisition Investigation Committee focusing on the case of notorious Malaysian fugitive businessman Joe Lowe.


“I met him at the table for a while. In fact, I never saw the check. I thanked him and told him that the Archdiocese did not need a contribution, I finally did the Theological School. I believed that he would give, as other Cypriots did, 10-15 thousand. “Then they told me that his contribution was 300 thousand,” said the Archbishop.

According to the Omega question mark, however, the name of the land development businessman who mediated remained as the Archbishop did not remember his name and named him with the derogatory… Hartumbalos.

In fact, the Archbishop, in his attempt to show that the banks were the body that controls the purity of money, revealed before the investigative committee that the check was issued through a Cypriot bank, by a company of Joe Lowe in Cyprus, which is registered with the registrar of companies and continues to operate to this day.


“The money they gave went through both the Central Bank of Cyprus and the European Central Bank. “The check I got, I got from the Bank of Cyprus, they did not bring it in the bag, otherwise I would not have taken it”, he noted.

At another point, His Beatitude admitted that as an Archdiocese he did not proceed with the necessary due diligence for the Malaysian investor, as their position remained in the give and take with the land development entrepreneur.


“It was completely impossible for me to do that. I could not even report to the Police. They would say to me “who are you and you ask us?”. I could not address either Europe or the KYP. “I did not have the power to ask responsible bodies to inform me, others were responsible,” said the Archbishop.

He added, however, that at the time there was no evidence that the Malaysian was a fraud. He completed all this, we learned it after five years through the newspapers.


Going one step further, His Beatitude linked the issue of naturalizations with the haircut of deposits in 2013 and the financial crisis that followed, from which, as he revealed, the Archdiocese measured losses of 128 million euros.


“When the haircut was done, we had a problem. In fact, I was watching the President who was at a dead end then. Some people told me “go to the Presidential Palace and the President will have a stroke. I went and “shouted” then that the first decision of Parliament was the right one and not the second. In fact, I told him that Satan was both the first and the second “, said His Beatitude.

While he did not hide his complaint about the attitude of the European partners.

“Aren't they ashamed?”

“All this mischief that is happening, I say well are not they ashamed? Major favored countries, Germany, France, Italy, England, give passports and take billions. “Poor Cyprus is left now and it is a great sin because it gives passports and there is so much noise and the Republic of Cyprus is being dragged away every day?” He said.


In fact, the Archbishop took the opportunity to comment on the developments in the Cyprus problem, giving clarifications in relation to his recent statements about what the President of the Republic seems to have confided to him about the solution of two states.


“I made a mistake and the journalist mishandled it, because something we were saying to each other should not have been made public. But I told him, “it was the President's thoughts, today he rejects it.” He made big headlines that the President wants two states. He does not want to, sir, he once had a thought, today he does not want to “, he noted.

While referring to the priorities he set before the President of the Republic.


“We must all stop stealing, I put myself in and himself and everyone. We need to look at the economic issue of our country, and look at modern weapons systems. “There are not many who are fighting today, the IQ of a soldier who is tall is fighting, because our children are educated and their IQ is higher than that of the Turks,” said His Beatitude.

With Archbishop Chrysostom finally expressing his question about the fact that the research committee wanted to ask him questions regarding the naturalization program, describing it as sophisticated.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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